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As explained in our Mission Statement: TRIUNE members seek to discover not only the root causes of the suffering, pain and injustices which continue to plague the world, but also the reasons for humanity’s seeming inability to end these problems. We work to abolish suffering, while educating others about ways to help advance the human race in its spiritual development, bringing it into an age of Light.

On this page you will find concrete ways to take actions that benefit humanity, our animal brethren, the environment and more. Here we will feature free, simple actions in which you can participate to help bring about positive change. If you have a suggestion for an action which you would like us to post, please feel free to e-mail us the information.


Religious tolerance is more important than ever. Please read the following beautiful entry by one of our TRIUNE members and then feel free to duplicate and distribute the religious tolerance cards below. Pledge today to support and promote religious tolerance.

As Many Paths...So Many Faiths

by Heathclyff St. James Deville

"The Truth shall set you free" can only be found in the Temple of God, and we are that "Temple" and the "Kingdom of God" is within each of us. All life-forms share a common denominator. Many folk find their Truth in the more established religions and faiths. Some go to hear the sweet nectar of Truth pour from the lips of a priest or minister. Others sit upon the earth, catching pearls of wisdom as they emanate from the Holy Men or Gurus in front of them. Yet others "go within" to catch the whispers of the small voice within their hearts, gaining inspiration there. Many are the ways available for each Soul to glimpse Truth. Do not fall prey to thinking that another's way is invalid when differing from that which you believe. Just because another does not seek to emulate your way does not make it wrong.

I challenge all to open the door of their hearts and minds, to reflect that we all are One Life, interrelated, each a spark striving to rejoin the Universal Fire. We must learn to develop tolerance. Allow others to worship as each is moved. As long as each individual Soul strives toward at-one-ment with Deity and treats others as he would be treated, then we begin to grow as a real Humanity. From the humble unicellular protozoa to that of man, all is an aspect of Deity. When this is grasped, there can be no room for shunning others on the basis of species, race, color, gender or creed. We are all of the One and the One presides in all.

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End Human Trafficking, a Modern-day Slave Trade

by Rene Wadlow, President and Representative to the United Nations, Geneva, Association of World Citizens

January 11 was in some countries a “National Day of Awareness on Human Trafficking." While awareness is always a first step, it is action that is needed, as was underlined by the Association of World Citizens in a message to the Chairman of the U.N. Human Rights Council. The recent increase in the scope, intensity and sophistication of trafficking of human beings around the world threatens the safety of citizens everywhere and hinders countries in their social, economic and cultural development.

The smuggling of migrants and the trafficking of human beings for prostitution and slave labor have become two of the fastest growing worldwide problems of recent years. From Himalayan villages to Eastern European cities — especially women and girls — are attracted by the prospects of a well-paid job as a domestic servant, waitress or factory worker. Traffickers recruit victims through fake advertisements, mail-order bride catalogs, casual acquaintances and even family members.

However, trafficking in human beings is not confined to the “sex industry." Children are trafficked to work in sweatshops and men to work in the “three D's jobs” — dirty, difficult, and dangerous. The lack of economic, political and social structures providing women with equal job opportunities has also contributed to the feminization of poverty, which in turn has given rise to the feminization of migration, as women leave their homes to look for viable economic solutions. In addition, political instability, militarism, civil unrest, internal armed conflicts and natural catastrophes increase women's vulnerability and can contribute to the development of trafficking.

Trafficking impacts the lives of millions of people — those trafficked and their family members — especially from poorer countries or the poor sections of countries. Trafficking of persons has become a multibillion dollar business and ranks right after the trade in drugs and guns. Trafficking is often an activity of organized crime. In some cases, it is the same organization which deals in drugs, guns and people. In other cases, there is a “division of labor," but the groups are usually in contact.

Thus, drugs, guns, illegal immigration — these form a nightmare vision of the dark side of globalization with untold human costs. Human trafficking affects women, men and children in their deepest being. It strikes at what is most precious in them: their dignity and their value as individuals. Trafficked persons experience painful and traumatizing situations which can be with them for the rest of their lives. From recruitment to exploitation, they lose their identity and desperately struggle against a situation that reduces them to objects.

The Association of World Citizens stresses that the fight against human trafficking must be waged in a global and multidimensional way by the United Nations, regional intergovernmental organizations, by national governments and by non-governmental organizations so that countries of origin, transit and destination develop cooperative strategies and practical action against trade in human beings. One of the foundations of cooperation is mutual trust. When mutual trust is established, cooperation becomes a natural way to act.

As trafficking in people is more often tolerated by the law enforcement agencies than drugs or guns, there has been a shift of criminal organizations toward trafficking in people. 116 governments have signed a UN-promoted 2000 Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking, Especially Women and Children which entered into force in December, 2003. However, trafficking in persons is often not a priority for national governments. Some countries which are important links in the trade of persons such as India, Pakistan and Japan have not yet signed.

For many governments, trafficking is considered a question of illegal migration, and there is relatively little (in some cases no) consideration of the problems of the individual being trafficked. Human concern for those caught in the web is a prime contribution of non-governmental organizations. Concern for physical and mental health is crucial. There is also an obvious need to deal with the issues which have created these pools of people from which traffickers can draw. The large number of refugees from Iraq — over two million in Jordan and Syria — await better political and economic conditions in Iraq so they can return home.

Thus, one of the aspects of trafficking in which non-governmental organizations can play a crucial role is the psychological healing of the victims. Unfortunately, the victim’s psychological health is often ignored by governments. Victims often suffer a strong psychological shock that disrupts their psychological integrity. The result is a lack of self-esteem after having experienced such traumatizing events. Within the Association of World Citizens, we must not underestimate the difficulties and dangers which exist in the struggle against trafficking in persons nor the hard efforts which are needed for the psychological healing of victims. However, as World Citizens, we have the opportunity of dealing with a crucial world issue.

TAKE ACTION: If you would like the U.N. to address the ending of human trafficking as one of their top priorities, please send a postal letter to the following address:

Under-Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations, 2 United Nations Plaza, New York 10017, USA, or send an e-mail via their contact page at http://www.un.org/en/contactus/



Support Those Who Desire Freedom.....

In Washington, D.C., there is a fascinating museum -- the "Newseum" -- which chronicles the history of journalism and the media, from the time of the invention of the printing press to today's new electronic media. Six floors contain exhibits, many of them emotionally stirring, but two exhibits in particular are quite striking. One features a section of the Berlin Wall, which had separated East and West Berlin from the end of the Second World War till 1989 and epitomized the struggle between the ideologies of personal freedom versus totalitarian control. The second is a huge map showing which countries of the world have a free and open press, as well as the amazingly large majority of countries which still don't. These two exhibits, combined with the recent events taking place in North Africa and the Middle East, bring to mind the idea of -- FREEDOM.

In order for the dawn of the New Era and the cultural and spiritual advancement of the entire human race, it is essential that all people be free to make their own choices -- that they have, at the very least, freedom of speech, assembly, religion and the press.On a practical level, you can send letters of solidarity to the embassies of those countries where citizens are currently struggling to practice their God-given freedoms. Addresses are easily found by doing an internet search for each country's embassy. A brief and simple, polite statement of your support of liberty and freedom is all that is needed.

There are also things you can do on other levels. Freedom is as necessary to the life of the Soul as air is to the life of the physical body. Think about/pray/meditate upon these thoughts. When you feel you have an understanding of those divine energies and vibrations associated with freedom, imagine yourself actually sending those energies out into the atmosphere of our planet, particularly to those troubled spots where citizens are struggling with repressive regimes who would deny them their basic rights.

How is it possible to approach the New World with an outworn consciousness? New consciousness cannot be put into old vessels. The approach to the Teaching of Life, which will be laid in the foundation of the New World, requires a clear and incisive consciousness. One cannot suppress achievements; the thirst for true freedom, which dwells in freedom of thought and conscience, has awakened in the midst of the masses. -- Helena Roerich



Please download and sign our declaration of unity and synthesis.

You may distribute the following document electronically. However, we strongly encourage you to also distribute hard copies of the document, which you have physically handled yourself. We are able to mentally infuse the actual sheets of paper with our own psychic energy -- the fuel, so to speak, which will power the declaration and impress the individuals who read them. No mechanical procedure is necessary. Rather, we use of the power of our minds and our higher spiritual natures. Simply hold a copy of the declaration in your hands and concentrate upon bringing down from the higher spiritual planes the energies of synthesis. Let the energies enter your being and exit through your hands and into the papers you are holding. Hold in your mind the intention that the energies of unity and synthesis and these pieces of paper themselves are meant solely for the highest spiritual good and the positive development of the human race.



Declaration of Unity and Synthesis


(download a printable PDF version of this declaration)

(Spanish version of the declaration)


unity (n.) oneness; agreement

synthesis (n.) the putting together of parts to form a whole


I, ________________________________ , citizen of Earth, believe

( your name here )


that all Life on this planet exists as one interdependent whole. Understanding this, I declare that it is both my right and my desire to live in peace, unity and synthesis with all other living Beings.

To this end:

  • I will accept and respect all people as my brothers and sisters, equal and loved as children of the Divine Creator and having
  • unique talents and gifts to enrich the world.
  • I will treat Mother Earth and all her creatures with love, respect, gratitude and reverence.
  • I will be a vessel for the energies of peace, unity and synthesis and will extend love to all I meet.
  • I will use my talents in some concrete way to work for the betterment of the entire human race and this living planet which I call my home.


(If you have any additions or conditions to this declaration, you may add them here.)


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