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At the beginning of every month, TRIUNE members receive an electronic newsletter which also includes a seed thought for meditation. If they choose, members are encouraged to incorporate these thoughts into their own daily meditation routines. Meditation themes are usually seasonal and/or address a specific topic or situation needing immediate attention. Please feel free to join us in meditative focus.



APRIL 2024


This month, we wish to thank Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen, coordinators of our Agni Yoga study group, for providing the April meditation theme below. They discuss the meaning of "being in spirit" and experiencing the oneness of the fundamental, all-pervasive primal energy of which all things are composed and through which we live and move and have our being.

In our work, and particularly while we meditate, we do much active visualization. When meditating, however, sometimes simply sitting and "being in spirit" with no visualizations, no expectations, and no specific "goals" in mind is even more effective and produces the most surprising and productive results. It is at times like this when we are truly at one with the primal energy of which Roza and Margarita speak.


April Meditation by Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

Being in Spirit is being in a state of Nothing/ Everything. The state where there is no Judgement, there is no Good or Bad; there is no Before or After. We are in a state of Awareness of pure Agni energy that is neither far nor close. It is here. In January 1948, Helena Roerich wrote about this energy:

"It is necessary to explain to all who study the Agni Yoga books that the Primary fiery energy is one and the same as the names: fiery energy, heart energy, mental, and psychic energy. They are all names that are, in essence, just different aspects of one and the same fundamental primal energy, or the energy of Be-ness. It is possible simply to say that psychic energy is a higher quality of primal energy. Thus, spirit and consciousness are inseparable from psychic energy. To better understand the meaning of the activity of psychic energy, it is necessary to include some paragraph on spirit and other subtle energies. This can broaden the understanding about its innumerable qualities." (Helena Roerich, At the Threshold of the New World: Dreams, Visions and Letters of Helena Roerich, White Mountain Education Association, Inc. 2020, Prescott, Arizona)

We would like to invite everyone to join our Agni Yoga Study Group. The very goal of Agni Yoga is to show us the way of inner transformation and evolution into the higher state of spirituality. In Agni Yoga we can find the keys to a lot of our questions. It is a rigorous teaching of selflessness, courage, compassion and sacrifice. And also of collaboration and co-creation. Of collective action and personal heroism, of scientific discoveries and self-discovery, of aspiration and achievement. And also of joy from the participation in this inspirational work, spiritual joy, fiery joy: "Understand the beneficence of fiery joy. It expands the consciousness, and draws all the best accumulations towards itself, as a fiery magnet. The essence of man is transformed and his outward nature is burned away" (Agni Yoga, Supermundane 4).


MARCH 2024


There is much chaos and exhaustion in the world right now, and our work necessarily pulls us into this orbit. However, it is difficult (and ultimately counter-productive) for us to continually stay focused only on negativity. There is also much beauty and joy to celebrate in this life, and we should also acknowledge this. So for this month, we want to provide a refreshing and rejuvenating meditation which acknowledges beauty, joy and renewal.

Spring begins in March here in the northern hemisphere, and Tasha Halpert has provided a lovely spring meditation (below) to address this. Because it pertains to the northern hemisphere's season, we ask that those of you in the southern hemisphere who are awaiting the start of your autumn season adapt the meditation for your own use as well. We feel this meditation, through visualization, can be equally as refreshing and rejuvenating anywhere, any time of year.


March Meditation by Tasha Halpert

Rebirth and renewal begin in the springtime, and we can attune to these natural frequencies to become part of the process. As we allow ourselves to become one with these energies, we add our own small portion to the whole and help the process increase its benevolent effect on all. We are always part of the All, and as we attune to harmony and delight, so we increase Its effect.

Begin by envisioning the beautiful colors of spring. At first, let them be faint and indistinct, this is how spring starts. Envision or affirm pale yellow and green, to begin, then slowly add in faint traces of pink. Hear a few notes of birdsong, still somewhat tentative. At the same time, envision or affirm the buds at the ends of twigs beginning to swell just a little, becoming plumper as they engorge with the new energy of the season.

Let your mind focus now on the spring flowers as they begin to emerge from their growing roots, bulbs, and rhizomes. Watch as the stems grow longer. At first slowly then faster, although they stay nearly closed, the petals begin to become more evident. Then as the buds grow larger see them begin to open further, until they are fully open. Perhaps some gentle raindrops fall into the hearts of the flowers, dripping down the stems and off the leaves.

Return your attention to the trees. Watch as their leaves begin to emerge, their colors stronger now. Feel the trees welcome the energy that rises from their roots, emerging into the ends of the twigs, feeding the leaves. Listen as the birds sing their welcoming songs with loud, cheerful voices.

Embrace your vision fully. Breathe deeply. Take as much joy from these moments as you can. When you are done, open your eyes and return to your everyday consciousness, feeling well, refreshed, and renewed.




As tensions in Ukraine and the Middle East escalate and a wider conflict seems inevitable, our thoughts are on the terrible human toll these wars have already taken. Equally heartbreaking is the horrific environmental destruction which has taken place and which threatens to decimate entire ecosystems. Our thoughts are also with the poor, suffering animals -- the always innocent victims of humankind's propensity for violence and war as a means to settle conflicts.

We turn to the writing of TRIUNE member Heathclyff St. James Deville of Australia. A vegan and dedicated animal rights activist, Heathclyff has written the following seed thought/prayer for our meditations.


MEDITATION by Heathclyff St. James Deville

As we reflect on the situation in both the Palestinian-Israeli and the Ukrainian-Russian situations, please send out your positive thoughts and prayers for the birds, animals and insects of these regions, and for the healing of the environment. These are the hidden casualties of war. The following prayer may be used as a focal point to assist you.

We pray to the One Spirit that gives Life to All.
For the beautiful birds and animals – the insects too!
Who are dying as the innocent victims of a disharmonious world,
As Some Folk seek to subdue that of other folk
Under the guise of war – rather than under the Truth of Greed.

We pray that people everywhere stop, rest and then, resting,
Reflect upon the enormity of the loss of Nature's Beings
― the birds, animals, and the insects too!
As they seek out a Sanctuary of Peace and of Safety
From the bombs and the guns and the screams of other Beings.

This is our prayer – this is our meditation and, believe us , dear Spirit ― this is our one hope for a senseless war to cease,
A hope that may turn the image of our hope to that of a reality.
So Mote It Be.

Fly free Dear Birds, run peacefully our animal friends,
And gather without fear, you beautiful insect Beings;
And may the tears of the Trees turn to the sound of laughter,
And the verdant grass grow again as wild flowers appear once more.




As we enter the month of December and approach the solstice, gentle thoughts of Light and Love predominate. Festivals of Light are celebrated by all the major religions at this time of year, and everyone seems more open to the ideals of unity, synthesis and universal brotherhood.

It is likely that many people long for a fresh start in 2024, for 2023 has been a trying year for most everyone around the globe. Tasha Halpert, who has provided this month's meditation, refers to these "suffering multitudes" in her piece below. If you incorporate Tasha's meditation into your regular routine, when envisioning "the star" she mentions, you may wish to use the silvery-blue-white star of the Ashram of Synthesis.


Meditation by Tasha Halpert:

Sit quietly until your mind settles, and gradually focus on your breathing. When you have quieted yourself, and feel focused, envision a night sky with a lovely star on the horizon. With focus, watch it rise to the center of the sky and then watch it radiate. Let the beams extend until they fill the sky and let them illuminate the ground as well. You are seeing a barren desert stretching out in all directions.

Envision yourself riding now, beneath and toward the star. As you ride and gaze upon the star, you feel more and more peaceful. You see a small structure in the distance. The star seems to hover over it. As you draw closer, you see figures kneeling there. You dismount and join them. Kneeling there you raise your eyes and see both a young baby lying in a manger, and an overlay of multitudes of suffering people.

Keeping your focus, you let the love you are feeling fill you, and then breathe it out to the child and at the same time to the suffering multitudes. Continue to do this as long as you wish. Eventually you will feel yourself coming back into your body and your everyday consciousness.



By Tasha Halpert:

The bursting colors of fall resemble a Kind of blossoming, a culmination of the gathered energy of the year. Let us begin by envisioning a hillside brilliant with fall color. Breathe deeply of the beauty. Let it fill you with a thrilling joy. Take a few moments to fully absorb the feelings.

Now envision one by one, those you know who are in need of healing, whether physical, mental, psychological or emotional. Take as much time as you need to do this. As each name or face appears in your inner vision, envelop the person with as much of this joy as you can. Envision it like a cloak of the fall colors, perhaps even made of petals or feathers. As you feel complete with each person give thanks for their healing and move on to the next until the list is complete. Give thanks.

Now envision the globe, our Earth. Again, envision the colors. Make them brilliant in your mind's eye. Breathe deeply and absorb them. Focus on the globe fully now, and invoke peace wherever in the world there is conflict. Place special emphasis on Libya and the Ukraine. Breathe and focus on the breath as you envision a healing sense of peace flow through the colors that surround the planet.

Return your thoughts to the present moment for yourself. Let yourself breathe in the colors once again, this time filling every corner of your current life experience. Affirm that Peace fills your life and overflows into the world you live in. Feel yourself cloaked in the lovely fall colors and give thanks.

Slowly return to yourself as you are in the world, and stretch until you feel fully embodied. At any time in the future you feel discombobulated or upset about your life or those you love, return yourself to the cloak of colors and Invoke the cloak of peace with your breath, affirming that sense of peace as being over and above any surface discomfort. Give thanks and move on.




September is traditionally the time for children to return to school after their summer holiday. The war in Ukraine rages on, yet her children are also trying to return to school and some sense of normalcy, despite the rampant chaos and suffering their country is enduring. With all the crises going on in the world right now, we must not become complacent and forget about the situation in Ukraine, particularly the lifelong psychological trauma so many of her weary children may experience from living through this war.

Let's concentrate our meditation efforts on the children of Ukraine, an end to the bombings and violence, and a return to peace and productivity in the region. We can include in our meditation periods the following Peace Invocation.

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to humanity.
Let the Spirit of Peace be spread everywhere.
May all people of goodwill meet in a spirit of cooperation.
May forgiveness on the part of humanity be the keynote of this time.
Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.
So let it be, and help us to do our part.



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