Monthly Meditation Themes


At the beginning of every month, TRIUNE members receive an electronic newsletter which also includes a seed thought for meditation. If they choose, members are encouraged to incorporate these thoughts into their own daily meditation routines. Meditation themes are usually seasonal and/or address a specific topic or situation needing immediate attention. Please feel free to join us in meditative focus.





As we enter the month of December and approach the solstice, gentle thoughts of Light and Love predominate. Festivals of Light are celebrated by all the major religions at this time of year, and everyone seems more open to the ideals of unity, synthesis and universal brotherhood.

It is likely that many people long for a fresh start in 2024, for 2023 has been a trying year for most everyone around the globe. Tasha Halpert, who has provided this month's meditation, refers to these "suffering multitudes" in her piece below. If you incorporate Tasha's meditation into your regular routine, when envisioning "the star" she mentions, you may wish to use the silvery-blue-white star of the Ashram of Synthesis.


Meditation by Tasha Halpert:

Sit quietly until your mind settles, and gradually focus on your breathing. When you have quieted yourself, and feel focused, envision a night sky with a lovely star on the horizon. With focus, watch it rise to the center of the sky and then watch it radiate. Let the beams extend until they fill the sky and let them illuminate the ground as well. You are seeing a barren desert stretching out in all directions.

Envision yourself riding now, beneath and toward the star. As you ride and gaze upon the star, you feel more and more peaceful. You see a small structure in the distance. The star seems to hover over it. As you draw closer, you see figures kneeling there. You dismount and join them. Kneeling there you raise your eyes and see both a young baby lying in a manger, and an overlay of multitudes of suffering people.

Keeping your focus, you let the love you are feeling fill you, and then breathe it out to the child and at the same time to the suffering multitudes. Continue to do this as long as you wish. Eventually you will feel yourself coming back into your body and your everyday consciousness.



By Tasha Halpert:

The bursting colors of fall resemble a Kind of blossoming, a culmination of the gathered energy of the year. Let us begin by envisioning a hillside brilliant with fall color. Breathe deeply of the beauty. Let it fill you with a thrilling joy. Take a few moments to fully absorb the feelings.

Now envision one by one, those you know who are in need of healing, whether physical, mental, psychological or emotional. Take as much time as you need to do this. As each name or face appears in your inner vision, envelop the person with as much of this joy as you can. Envision it like a cloak of the fall colors, perhaps even made of petals or feathers. As you feel complete with each person give thanks for their healing and move on to the next until the list is complete. Give thanks.

Now envision the globe, our Earth. Again, envision the colors. Make them brilliant in your mind's eye. Breathe deeply and absorb them. Focus on the globe fully now, and invoke peace wherever in the world there is conflict. Place special emphasis on Libya and the Ukraine. Breathe and focus on the breath as you envision a healing sense of peace flow through the colors that surround the planet.

Return your thoughts to the present moment for yourself. Let yourself breathe in the colors once again, this time filling every corner of your current life experience. Affirm that Peace fills your life and overflows into the world you live in. Feel yourself cloaked in the lovely fall colors and give thanks.

Slowly return to yourself as you are in the world, and stretch until you feel fully embodied. At any time in the future you feel discombobulated or upset about your life or those you love, return yourself to the cloak of colors and Invoke the cloak of peace with your breath, affirming that sense of peace as being over and above any surface discomfort. Give thanks and move on.




September is traditionally the time for children to return to school after their summer holiday. The war in Ukraine rages on, yet her children are also trying to return to school and some sense of normalcy, despite the rampant chaos and suffering their country is enduring. With all the crises going on in the world right now, we must not become complacent and forget about the situation in Ukraine, particularly the lifelong psychological trauma so many of her weary children may experience from living through this war.

Let's concentrate our meditation efforts on the children of Ukraine, an end to the bombings and violence, and a return to peace and productivity in the region. We can include in our meditation periods the following Peace Invocation.

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to humanity.
Let the Spirit of Peace be spread everywhere.
May all people of goodwill meet in a spirit of cooperation.
May forgiveness on the part of humanity be the keynote of this time.
Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.
So let it be, and help us to do our part.



MAY 2023


2023 has so far been an exhausting year for many reasons. With the ability to learn of tragedy anywhere in the world, we are inundated with bad news 24/7, exacerbating any personal challenges or stress with which we're dealing. At this time, it seems as though the whole weary world could use a huge injection of peace, calm, happiness and positivity. For the month of May, therefore, we can use our meditation periods for just that purpose.

Here in the northeastern United States, May is the month when many beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs blossom out with huge, colorful blooms. The riot of colors and scents is always welcome and refreshing, and we can't help but feel happy and renewed by partaking of such beauty and wonder. With this in mind, Tasha Halpert has once again provided us with a lovely and creative meditation, which we can add to our regular monthly routine. It is designed to help us visualize the world's "tears of sorrow" watering the soil of joy and renewal.

"Blossoming, a Meditation for World and Inner Peace" (provided by Tasha Halpert)

Settle yourself in your favorite meditative position and take a few long (as in complete) breaths, let go of your breathing, and breathe naturally. Imagine you are gazing at a clay pot with earth in it. Bring to mind whatever sadness—past, present, or to come that you know about in your life and surroundings. Do not dwell on these, just bring them to mind.

Begin with personal sadness and expand it to include that of others you know of. Then expand your thoughts to include those of the world in general--shootings, wars, tragedies. Imagine tears coming down into the pot like rain, watering the soil. Watch them soak into its earth.

Notice a small tender bit of green coming up out of the soil. Watch it grow. Shine a smile on it. Watch it grow. Keep smiling. As it grows taller, a bud appears at the tip. As you watch, the bud increases in size until you can see petals begin to unfold from it. Watch them unfold until there is a lovely rose colored blossom fully unfolded before you. See the petals begin to radiate light.

Once again take three long breaths. As you exhale send the radiant light out into the world toward all sadness. See the petals glow even brighter. Sit with the blossom as long as you like and continue to breathe. When you feel complete with the meditation, wiggle your fingers and toes, and gradually return to ordinary consciousness. Give thanks for the healing process you have been part of, and return to your daily life.


APRIL 2023


Recently, a 28-year-old woman murdered three children, all aged nine years old, and three adults at a private Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee. This woman was under a doctor's supervision for psychological problems and yet was still able to legally purchase several firearms and ammunition, enabling her to carry out this devastating tragedy.

It goes without saying that gun violence in America has reached epic proportions. There have currently been more mass shootings in this country than days in the year -- about 90 days into 2023, we have already witnessed 131 mass shootings. At this point, the numbers are mind-boggling; the terror, stress and anguish of such incidents is monumental; the psychological trauma on victims, their families, communities, and society at large is unfathomable; and the lack of response by our government to do anything to enforce stricter gun regulation and implement other preventive measures is incomprehensible.

Between 80 and 90% of Americans are in favor of universal background checks, raising the firearm purchase age to 21, and implementing at least a 3-day waiting period for purchase; while half the country favors red flag laws and would like to see a complete ban on assault-style weapons, such as those used in the most recent murderous incident. Yet extremely ardent gun advocates, coupled with the sheer influence of the $64 billion-dollar-a-year weapons industry which contributes so greatly to the American economy, keeps enablers in Congress and other positions of power from enacting any real change.

For this month of April, please concentrate your meditative efforts on Washington, DC. While there are many reasons for the increase in gun violence here in America, one of the quickest and easiest ways to help alleviate at least some of this suffering is through legislative reform. This requires changing the crystallized thoughtforms surrounding this issue.

As always, we are not at liberty to enforce our wills upon the free will of others. We can, however, visualize the city of Washington, DC and send into the atmosphere of the city (from our ajna center) energies of clarity, positivity, and non-violence. Keeping in the background of our consciousness the idea of eliminating gun violence, we can flood the ethers surrounding the city and its halls of power with Love and what we might call "the Light of Truth", particularly as it concerns this issue. Without, therefore, impeding any particular person or group's free will, this effort can pour higher energies into the hearts and minds of any who are receptive. This may then influence some to take positive action on the physical plane.

As a seed thought for our meditations, we can think of the Buddha's Discourse on Love, paraphrased here:

May everyone be happy and safe, and may hearts be filled with joy. May all beings live in security, peace, and perfect tranquility. Let no one put the life of anyone in danger. Let no one out of anger or ill will wish any one any harm. Just as a mother loves and protects her only child at the risk of her own life, cultivate boundless love to offer to all living beings in the entire cosmos. Let our boundless love pervade the whole universe.

May the Light of Truth prevail.




February is the month when many of us celebrate Valentine's Day and think about the concept of "love". The word is as much over-used as it is misunderstood. It can range from a selfish and self-centered personality desire to the all-encompassing Divine Love which we can try to envision and only hope to comprehend. It is the guiding essence of our entire solar system. "Love, love, is all you need", once sang the Beatles. Certainly, now is a time when true, sincere, global feelings of pure love for the entire planet and all her inhabitants are needed more than ever.

This month, we thank Tasha Halpert, who has sent a beautiful, novel meditation on love, which we can try and perhaps add to our daily meditation routines.


A Meditation on Love by Tasha Halpert

Begin by sitting quietly and thinking about roses. Picture them in your mind, call to mind whatever colors and shapes please you the most. Imagine them in a vase in front of you. Affirm their presence in your mind. Imagine them perfuming the air. Breathe in the fragrance, again, using your imagination. Take five to ten breaths, filling your body as you breathe deeply.

Now imagine or envision someone you love sitting opposite you. As you breathe another five to ten breaths, envision, imagine, or simply affirm they are breathing in the fragrance as you do. Feel your love for them as you breathe. Give thanks for the love you feel. When it seems right, let that person be joined by another. Repeat this for as long as you wish. Keep adding people both living and in spirit until there are too many to count.

Let the love you feel fill you completely and give thanks. Lastly, envision a mirror and send that love to your image in the mirror. If you cannot envision yourself, replace the image with your name or with the word, "myself." Affirm your love for all and for yourself. Now give thanks to the Source of all love, and once again, envision the roses. Now let all the images fade away; slowly return to the here and now. Ground yourself into the present by gently moving your fingers and toes.


January 2023


We've all been dealing this past year with our own everyday, personal stresses; but beyond that, we've witnessed almost constant disturbances of some sort or other around the entire world, from political unrest to unrelenting covid variants, the war in Ukraine, increased climate anomalies and many other examples too numerous to mention. The planetary ethers have been fraught with strife, chaos and imbalance.

The vibrational network of the entire planet is in a disturbed pattern, affecting all life forms in some way. Currently, we're experiencing on a planetary level something akin to how we might personally feel when we are upset over something on the everyday, mundane level. When this happens to us, we are unable to think clearly and move forward with our lives, at least until we can calm down and collect ourselves. Similarly, like an overly distraught and emotionally exhausted human being, the planet itself is in great need of an extensive "calming down" period. This unfortunate situation has been brought about by humanity's own selfish and negative thoughts, words and actions -- and only humanity can fix it.

In a letter to one of her students in 1935, Helena Roerich spoke about this, while explaining the necessity of "discharging" these negative energies in order to prevent further damage to the planet. We already know that ashrams have always sent out certain disciples to various vulnerable places on the planet to function as these dischargers. In her instructions, Roerich said that "the number of dischargers is very small, and they bear the whole burden of maintaining the planet's balance." However, anyone who wishes can help those who carry this burden.

We need to understand that we personally contribute, by our own thoughts, words and actions, to the very negativity which we hope to dispel. As painful as it may be, we need to honestly examine our own selves to discover how we may, perhaps even unconsciously, be doing this and then work to correct it. For the month of January, therefore, let's honestly examine our own behaviors and concentrate on how we can rid ourselves of any which might disturb the planetary etheric network...while at the same time working to increase those behaviors which are beneficial.


November 2022


Here in the United States, November is the month in which we celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday. These days with all the chaos going on in the world, it may seem as though there's very little for which to give thanks -- high inflation, making it tough to pay those monthly bills; covid and all the other viral strains lurking about; the war in Ukraine and atrocities being committed against civilians; continuing political unrest in the United States, England and so many other countries; harsh weather anomalies from climate change; and so much more it's enough to make our heads spin! One has to wonder how in the world we can possibly take time away from all this to "give thanks" and, indeed, should we even bother to do so?

Deeply, truly feeling gratitude and thankfulness...and showing it to actually often mentioned in esoteric literature. We are encouraged to practice it, not just because it is the right or kind thing to do, but because of its physical, psychological and spiritual benefits. When we feel negativity and/or irritation, a psychic substance called "imperil" is deposited along the nerve fibers of our bodies, affecting not just our physical bodies, but also our, etheric, astral, mental and higher bodies. It causes a sort of cold "brittleness" to the aura and is one of the surest ways to stifle spiritual growth. One of the best means for dissolving and ridding oneself of imperil is to genuinely feel thanks or gratitude. As proof of this, when feeling irritated, giving thanks or feeling a deep sense of gratitude will almost immediately manifest physically as a soft, comforting and calming warmth radiating from the heart center outwards to all parts of the body and soothing the nerve fibers.

It's not an easy thing to do, but consistently feeling and showing to others thankfulness and gratitude can be accomplished. TRIUNE member Tasha Halpert has given a suggestion on how to do this.  Here is what she says:

"Giving thanks can become a mindset: When I step into my hot shower on a cold winter night, I give thanks. When I slide into my comfortable bed, I do so again. A nice sunny day is another occasion for thanks. I have been and will again be grateful even for difficult circumstances, some of which seem nothing to be grateful for. However, while these may at the time seem to be something to regret, they may turn out to be helpful, or even useful lessons. Giving thanks may help us see that. Research shows that people who practice gratitude regularly not only live longer but are also healthier. To help make gratitude become a habit, before beginning a task or performing a ritual, become quiet and do the following. Take 3 breaths in and out. Focus on light as you do, drawing it in through your heart center and breathing it back out. Say quietly or even mentally in silence, 'I am grateful for this opportunity to ( fill in that for which you are grateful ) and I give thanks for ( fill in any other thoughts regarding why you are grateful ). May it be so.' As you remember to do this, you will soon have a habit that will grow into a consistent attitude of gratefulness."

We can adapt this formula to every area of life, from the simplest things we do every day to great situations of concern around the globe. We can be thankful for every little bit of forward progress we individually make each day, as well as for any progress the human race as a whole makes in solving the many problems we face. For the month of November, let's concentrate our meditation efforts on gratitude and thankfulness.


September 2022


We often see news stories about refugees from less developed countries being displaced from their homes as a result of political or social upheaval, thus leaving them homeless. Yet we sometimes tend to ignore the fact that homelessness is a crisis in wealthier, industrialized societies, too. Here in the United States, for example, a trip to any major city often shocks and confuses people who are unaccustomed to seeing encampments of so-called tent cities -- people living in great discomfort in all kinds of weather, in tents or under vinyl tarps on street corners or in local parks...often just a block or two from beautiful, well-to-do neighborhoods.

One wonders how so many people came to lose their residences, forcing them to live in such conditions. Of course, every story is different. Those living on the streets may be untreated alcohol or drug addicts or mentally or physically ill persons who find themselves unable to hold jobs, without family help or any other place to go. But contrary to popular belief, this isn't always the case. Runaway children or teens often escape unbearable situations, only to find themselves unable to financially cope in their new environments and forced to live by their wits on the streets. Many women find themselves homeless after escaping violent, abusive relationships. Military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress may find themselves unable to successfully hold a job and pay rent, forced to join the growing ranks of the homeless because they have nowhere else to turn for help.

A big problem is that many cities and governments simply fail to provide social services for lower income people, which would help reduce their risk of homelessness. A good number of homeless actually hold one or more low-paying jobs and fall into the category of the "working poor", those who who are employed, but don't make enough money to pay today's exorbitant rents. Lately, there has also been a significant rise in the numbers of families with children finding themselves, for whatever reasons, without a place to live. Thus, cities in wealthy nations which cannot or will not provide help to those needing it the most often find themselves hosting the largest homeless populations.

This subject of homelessness is our meditation theme for the month of September. It was suggested by Andrew Rooke of Australia, who talked about this issue after a recent visit to Canada, where he witnessed the growing number of homeless persons. Andrew made the following observations:

"I wish to suggest that we consider the fate of the many thousands of homeless people in the major cities even of 'first-world' countries. My experience recently of travelling in Australia and Canada has proved to me the enormous divide between rich and poor and that this divide is growing in our societies. Pretty soon in cities like Vancouver, Canada, where the poor and drug addicted flock due to the cold climate in the rest of the country, whole areas of the city are being overrun by homeless people camping out on the streets.  Authorities clearly don't know what to do about this situation where the problem is treated either as one of law enforcement, or simply of providing social housing for homeless people and creating ghettos of distressed people.

There are obviously social, economic and medical reasons for this situation but behind it is a real crisis of values and sense of purpose in our communities. We all have the opportunities to help with the physical problems experienced by homeless people by supporting philanthropic organisations doing magnificent work out on the front-line on the streets every day and night. Perhaps our further contribution could be to meditate on the real causes of this situation due to the often-misplaced values of our materialistic society, a lack of a sense of brotherhood and practical response to this crisis, and what we can do to spread knowledge of karma and reincarnation throughout our communities which ultimately explains a lot of these problems and our responsibility to do something about them."

Andrew is correct in noting the complexity of the issue of homelessness and the underlying reasons for its growth. One of the pressing problems facing those who are homeless is their lack of security -- the ever-present dangers they face, often robbed of their meager possessions, physically attacked or even murdered while vulnerably living or sleeping on the streets. While we may feel confused about how to begin to help change this terrible situation, we can start by thinking about and visualizing the homeless living closest to our own geographical locations and then doing this simple thing. During our meditations in September, we can send to them protective energies fortified with the following prayer: "We implore you God and your angelic hosts, that those who have no place to call home be surrounded by your protection from harm and guided to a place of peace and security."

Tasha Halpert also suggested that we use the following affirmation: Envision Light and feel within yourself a sense of identification with that Light as a home to be within and with which to be surrounded. Visualize this Light expanding to include those in need of a home. Send Love with this image and set the following affirmation. "May those in need of a home be guided to find a way to be at home and comforted within it."


August 2022


Roslyn Carter is the former First Lady of the United States and wife of past President Jimmy Carter. This kind and compassionate southern woman once made the following statement: "There are four kinds of people in the world -- those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need a caregiver." Obviously, Mrs. Carter thought very highly of and was grateful to those who gave of themselves in service as caregivers to others.

Our society does not provide much of an infrastructure for the care of those who cannot care for themselves. Lack of availability of services, particularly in rural or less populated areas is one problem. A shortage of compassionate, dependable and knowledgeable personnel is another. And even for those who are fortunate enough to have reliable services in their area, prohibitive costs often allow only the wealthy to take advantage. Thus, the burden of caregiving often falls upon those least prepared to provide it -- such as already overworked and overwhelmed family members struggling to hold it all together.

Ever since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the need for caregivers has grown, whether professionals like doctors and nurses, or the impromptu family member unexpectedly thrust into the role through a series of unfortunate events. For example, especially during the early days of covid, many persons found themselves caring for children who had lost as yet unvaccinated parents to the virus. But even before covid, volunteer family members have been caring for family or friends, unselfishly giving of their time and energy to help with the daily routines of sick, handicapped or aging loved ones unable to perform many common, daily functions by themselves.

We have several caregivers in TRIUNE. No doubt they, like caregivers the world over, often find themselves discouraged and exhausted from the physical and emotional burdens they carry in this difficult and demanding day-to-day work. During our periods of meditation in the month of August, let's send gratitude and strengthening energies to all the caregivers -- particularly those who are unpaid volunteers -- who give of their time and energy so unselfishly. As a seed thought, you may want to use the following prayer/affirmation:

If you feel tired and overwhelmed,
I send you strength and hope.
If you feel alone or afraid,
I send you love and courage.
If you feel sad or unappreciated,
I send you joy and gratitude.
From my heart to yours,
take these things and carry on,
Knowing that you are cared for, too.


July 2022


One of the main roles of educators in the new era will be to help raise humanity's state of consciousness from the personality level, where the majority currently reside, to that of the Soul, the next step for the race's evolution. Even a brief look at today's news stories reveals just how disruptive and unproductive things have become around the world, as people unsuccessfully cope with issues from the level of the personality rather than the Soul. TRIUNE members Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen wrote some valuable insights about this very topic, and we feature here their contribution on this subject as our July meditation theme.

Here is what Roza and Margarita wrote:

When we recognize ourselves on a spiritual level, we start to feel our exquisite uniqueness and we manifest our unique abilities, talents, understanding, and will. At the same time we are beginning to realize that we are all united in Spirit, at the level of our spiritual Source. That is a beautiful feeling of connection and  at the same time freedom. What we discovered through the years – a lot of people confuse that natural unity with the state of uniformity and not only exercise this delusion as their own view but also apply all power they have to instill it in others, forcing them to conform to the ways which are very far from the free expression of what these people really are, both spiritually and naturally. Unity goes from the heart and is quite an achievement. Whereas uniformity can be forced and is nothing to be proud of!

Such mix up creates big problems in our time when our earthly nature is extensively studied by all sorts of power-seeking personalities and groups of people. They are becoming experts in manipulating us in one way or another. They may use our best intentions of serving the struggling humanity. When someone or some system tries to make us think uniformly, by propaganda and punitive actions, this means disrespect and violates us on a very deep level. The only possible way to withstand it is to be grounded in our everyday situation and simultaneously feel and express ourselves as a Soul, as a creation of Spirit and creator in our own right.

Only when we humans consciously and voluntarily unite in all our diversity with respect to anyone’s human dignity, can we expect that we will be able to transform our current mundane thinking and understanding, and that our new spiritual condition will result in such transformation of our physical condition that many maladies will become a remote memory and a lesson for humanity.
This is what we have to teach our children. We can meditate on our inner unity and on our respect and reverence for any other unique human being and any manifestation of life. Albert Schweitzer called it the ethics of "reverence for life".



May 2022


As we near the half-way point of 2022, it's been difficult for many of us to stay positive. After more than two years of the covid pandemic raging around the world, we continue to hear of the development of new variants of concern. Political turmoil continues in most countries. Here in the United States, gun violence is at an all-time high. Since February, we've daily witnessed the horrors of the war in Ukraine. As we try to navigate our own daily personal trials, these global events add to our stress and wear down our resolve. Sometimes the problems seem endless and finding solutions feels futile. Needless to say, we are all -- at the very deepest levels -- weary.

It's absolutely necessary to take breaks from all the negativity. But what do we do when a simple break doesn't renew us, when it becomes difficult to carry on our spiritual work? We may find ourselves saying, "My heart just isn't in it." However, TRIUNE member Tasha Halpert, who has graciously provided our monthly meditation theme, says "If you follow your heart, you cannot lose your way." This is a very helpful seed thought for our meditations during the month of May. As we near the halfway point of an already challenging year, practicing Tasha's suggestions may help refresh our spirits. Clear-headed and renewed, we are better able to daily face our own personal karmic challenges and also make progress in our difficult esoteric work.


May 2022 Meditation
by Tasha Halpert


Some years ago, a dear friend, now in spirit and greatly missed, gave me a greeting card with the following saying: "If you follow your heart you cannot lose your way." I put the card where I could see it often as a reminder to consult my heart when I felt I didn't know which way to turn. I also learned to consult it when I needed reassurance that I was on the right track. I have put the saying at the end of each of my  emails, as the sentence printed on the bottom.

The heart referred to here is, I believe, our spiritual heart, the one located in the heart chakra and placed at the center chest. When we consult this part of us, we are able to see more clearly prior to acting on an important matter--or even an unimportant one, as it can be difficult to know the difference between them. To follow your heart is to express your truth and that truth could be seen as your connection with your Higher Self. It resembles a tuning fork that vibrates your highest good.

If you wish, prior to the meditation reflect on your current situation, whatever it may be and choose something requiring direction. To begin the meditation, sit quietly and focus on your breathing. Imagine that a bright light shines over your head and as you breathe in, sense it flowing down through the top of your head and into the center of your chest, your heart center. As you breathe out, sense it flowing out through the heart center or chakra to wherever it is most needed. Do this at least 5 times, more if so guided.

Then envision the planet suffused with brilliant white light with tinges of warm pink and soft gold here and there. Set your intention for a blossoming to emerge for the planet and keep filling it with light. Envision or speak aloud your intended question if you have one. Then finally, return to your everyday self and write any solutions you have been given, or any impressions.



April 2022 Meditation Theme
by Kathleen Hall


A couple of weeks ago, I felt the urge to walk in a special place I had not been to for a while. The walk turned into a beautiful and unexpected meditation experience that I would like to share with you.

The old forest was still, with a heavy mist settling amongst the trees in the late afternoon. Walking through the woods, I reached the edge of the sea which was veiled by a thick fog. Everything seemed transfixed in time with the gentle lapping of the waves merging with my breath. The smooth rocks, moist air, quiet woods and gentle sea engulfed me and I could feel the essence of the earth as a living being. I became one with the presence of this energy breathing in harmony -- still, ancient, majestic and beautiful.

As you also meditate upon nature, you may want to use this quote from British/Australian philosopher and metaphysician J.J.C. Smart as a seed thought: "It is in the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss."


February 2022


We are very grateful to Rene Wadlow of France who has provided this month's meditation theme on World Interfaith Harmony. Before reading his theme below, you may wish to read/download our "Religious Tolerance" cards. These contain visual symbols of many of the world's religions, which you can use in your meditations. The cards also contain a pledge to promote religious tolerance and are made to print out for further distribution. You can give them to friends or family, school groups, at church services or religious education classes, clubs, etc. Go to: .


Interfaith Harmony Week by Rene Wadlow

World Interfaith Harmony Week, the first week each February, was set by the U.N. General Assembly in 2010 with the aim to increase dialogue and understanding among peoples. Reconciliation and forgiveness have been stressed. At the core of all faith traditions is the recognition that we need to love one another in order to live in harmony in an environmentally sound world. While there is still much to be done as some armed conflicts today have a coloring of tensions among religions or even schools within the same religion, we can work together to build bridges of understanding. There is a model for this effort who deserves to be better known: Chou Tan-yi (1017-1073) known as the Master of Lien-Hsi (the area where he lived).

During the Sung dynasty (960-1279), after a period of division and confusion, there was a conscious effort to bring together into a harmonious framework currents of thought which existed in China but often as separate and sometimes hostile schools of thought: Confucianism, Buddhism, philosophical Taoism, and religious Taoism. These efforts were called Tao hsuch - the study of Tao. Chou Tun-yi was a leading figure in this effort. He developed a philosophy based on the harmony of Yin and Yang, a harmony known through intuition as each person has within himself the capacity to know what is right. This capacity of intuition, what Chou Tun-yi called "straightforwardness in movement", properly developed, will lead to impartiality and universality, the Confucian ideal of sagehood. (See Fung Yu Lan. A Short History of Chinese Philosophy. New York; Macmillan Co. 1950.)

Today, the currents of thought linked to Christianity, Islam and others need to be added to the currents of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. However the need to develop the capacity of properly using intuition remains a vital approach - a goal for the Harmony Week. We can develop a guided meditation for World Interfaith Harmony Week by first preparing our bodies and minds to open to inspiration. Then we can visualize light flowing from the symbols of the different faiths or images of their scriptures. These lights then combine in a central, harmonious center of light in which the symbols disappear and only a bright harmonious light remains.





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