Healing Network


The Triune of Light Healing Network is a committee of Triune members who have volunteered to participate in regularly scheduled metaphysical healing meditations for the benefit of those persons whose names have been submitted to our healing list. Anyone requesting our spiritual aid may contact us for inclusion on our healing list. Names are kept on the list until you request that they be removed. The only personal information we require is the complete name of the individual requiring emotional or physical healing. We do not need any contact information or the reason for the need of healing. There is never any financial charge for our healing services.

Please send all names for healing to: info@triuneoflight.org, with the words "Healing List" in your subject heading. Part of our Healing meditation includes the following prayer for Invoking the Healing Angels.


Hail, devas of the healing art!
Come to our aid.
Pour forth your healing life
into these persons.
Let every cell be charged anew
with vital force.

To every nerve give peace.
Let tortured sense be soothed.
May the rising tide of life
set every limb aglow,
as by your healing power,
both soul and body are restored.

Leave with each an angel watcher,
to comfort and protect,
till health returns or life departs,
that they may ward away all ill,
hasten the returning strength-
Or lead to peace when life is done.

Hail devas of the healing art!
Come to our aid,
and share with us the labors of this earth,
that God may be set free in man.


The Network also performs a healing ritual for the animal kingdom, both in a general sense and for individual animals that are ill. Feel free to send requests for animal healing to info@triuneoflight.org, with "Healing List" as your subject heading.


Oh Raven

by J S Monaco
for Aliza

Oh Raven be my guide,
Thru the darkness
Help me rise.

Give my good dreams
Flight thru the night,
Into days' reality
Bring them to light.

Oh Raven be my guide,
Watcher and guardian from behind.
Keep my enemies at bay,
Protecting me both night and day.

Oh Raven be my guide,
The Law of Balance,
Truth and Peace abides,
In the heavens and on Earth
Thru our life, death and rebirth.


Hand Mudras, Healing and Holy Gestures
by Sally Martin

I recently had the good fortune to take a class with my yoga teacher, in which she focused on the use of "mudras" and their meaning and purpose. After reading Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirshi, I thought it would be interesting to share some basic information I have learned with the group.

Mudra can mean many things. It is often used to signify a gesture or position of the hands, eyes or body. The origin of the mudras is rather a mystery. They are found and used throughout the world, not only in Asia. Many hand movements were included in Christian teachings, as we observe the various gestures made by the priest saying Mass. Even in everyday life, we see gestures that we do not know the origins for, like crossing our fingers or shaking hands. Indian dancers use their eyes, hand, and arm movements to tell a story, and we also see gestures used in western ballet to convey certain messages.

One of the primary goals in yoga philosophy is "the Onesness of humanity with cosmic consciousness." Using mudras, the thumb is symbolic of cosmic (divine) consciousness and intuition and the index finger is symbolic of individual (human) consciousness and inspiration.

A frequently used gesture is the Chin Mudra, in Hindu, or the Vitarka Mudra (or discussion gesture) in Buddhism. Here the tips of the index fingers of both hands lightly touch the tips of the thumbs on the same hands, while the remaining fingers are gently extended. Both hands are laid lightly on the thighs with the fingers pointing down to earth. In this position, the thumb or intuition and index finger or inspiration form a circle of unity. If this mudra is done with the fingers pointing up to Heaven, it is then called the Inana Mudra. According to Indian mudra researcher, Keshav Dev, this gesture can be helpful for improving concentration and memory and relieving mental tension. Other uses are for insomnia, sleepiness, depression and high blood pressure. This mudra is associated with the color white.

To practice the various healing and holy gestures, it is important to form the
fingers using a fine, light touch with relaxed hands. Once can be seated or lying, standing or walking, maintaining a comfortable and relaxed position, allowing the energy to flow. It is suggested that one practice for 45 minutes a day, either in three 15-minute sessions, or one 45-minute session daily. If the mudra is being used to assist with a chronic complaint, it is recommended to do the practice routinely at the same time daily for the same length of time. For an acute condition, discontinue the practice when the appropriate effect is reached.

The effects of a mudra may be felt immediately, when one has developed a practice over time. To assist with focus, one may choose to observe the breath. Slowing the breathing can produce a calming effect. By intensifying the breathing, a refreshing effect is observed. By observing the finger pressure, one can become more centered. By increasing the pressure on the inhalation and softening the pressure on the exhalation, one can strengthen the will and feel refreshed. By doing it the other way around, one can calm and relax the mind, body and spirit.

Certain music can enhance the mudra practice, taking into account one's own taste. According to guided imagery trainer Helen Bonny, the most suitable instruments for relaxation are the oboe, piano, cello, violin, clarinet and organ. The most effective keys for relaxation are C major, D major, B major and F major. Color can also influence the mind, body and spirit and can be visualized during mudra practice. Each mudra has its own potential for bringing us into alignment and can be a valuable asset to the meditation practice, helping us explore our inner world and expand our human consciousness into all that we can be.


Cleansing and Empowering Affirmation

Any time you feel negativity creeping over you or you need to center your energy and calm nervousness, say the following affirmation. You can also repeat it on a regular basis three times a day --upon rising, mid-afternoon and before you go to sleep. Please note that the words "Christ Jesus" refer to the Anointed One, not the historical Jesus, though they may be seen as one and the same.

In the Name and through the Power and by the Word of Christ Jesus, I put on the Whole Armor of Light, and I give thanks that this is accomplished. Around myself I build a wall of living flame and cleanse my aura with the Breath of Light, sending all negativity back to the sun to be recharged. Amen.

Take three breaths and "whoosh" them out through your aura.


The Breath Of Peace

Here is a way to center and stabilize within any situation, particularly if it is a potentially uncomfortable atmosphere. It is especially good for calming young children as well as people of any age who are upset or ill and can be done without anyone knowing you are doing it. Imagine you are sitting in a shaft of sunlight. As you inhale, affirm or envision that you are breathing light in through the top of your head. As you exhale, affirm or envision that you are breathing light out through your heart center in the middle of your chest. If you wish, repeat the word "Peace." Do this a minimum of five times and continue as needed.


Provided by Tasha Halpert:  www.heartwingsandfriends.com