Our Mission Statement


TRIUNE OF LIGHT is a non-denominational, spiritually-based organization, jointly founded in 2006 by members from five different continents, representing ten countries worldwide: Australia, Canada, Chile, England, France, Ghana, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa and the United States of America.  TRIUNE participants are students of the Ancient Wisdom tradition and members of various fraternal/esoteric organizations such as the Theosophical Society,  Rosicrucian Order, Agni Yoga Society,  Alice Bailey/Lucis Trust, etc. Many are leaders and/or teachers within their organizations and also host their own individual service groups.

TRIUNE members  participate in various mainstream religious denominations and organizations. While maintaining these affiliations, we seek to build bridges among the various groups to which we belong. One area in which we feel this bridging work is very much needed at this particular time in humanity’s development is among the various fraternal and esoterically-based spiritual groups. TRIUNE members generally agree that the New Era which humanity is entering at this time requires a deeper degree of tolerance, cooperation, sharing and understanding among these esoteric/spiritual factions. The keynote of our work is synthesis, with the understanding that there are many spiritual paths, but all ultimately lead to the same universal Truths.

TRIUNE members believe that spiritual study and growth cannot be divorced from the workings of everyday life, including the deep connections between the “unseen worlds" and their inhabitants, the environmental and socio/political developments taking place worldwide, and the spiritual and cultural advancement of the human race as a whole. Members seek to discover  the root causes of the suffering, pain and injustices which continue to plague the world and the reasons for humanity’s seeming inability to move forward in ending these problems. We also work in concrete ways to end this suffering, while hopefully educating others about ways that will help advance the human race in its spiritual development and bring it into an age of Light.

TRIUNE members are free from any rules or regulations, Boards of Directors or other governing bodies which might censor our ability to do our work, for TRIUNE is not a typical  organization, but rather a virtual ashram. We have no leaders, no by-laws, no brick and mortar buildings to maintain, no constitutions or sets of written rules, no governances to follow. With no bureaucratic restraints, we are free to go about our work in a timely and unhampered fashion, in an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement. With no censorship policies, we are free to speak out on any topic which we feel demands attention.


TRIUNE is an association of like-minded individuals who believe that there are great and Cosmic reasons behind everything which occurs on this planet and that we are all major players in the outcome. Every member in the group is equal, with an equal say in how the group shall operate and move forward in its actions.  All are teachers and students alike. All ideas are welcome, and all opinions and theories are encouraged to be presented, researched and then accepted or rejected as each individual feels, according to the dictates of their heart.


We show respect and tolerance toward each member’s own understanding of what is True and have the greatest regard for independence of spirit and thought. We value most highly kindness and patience towards each other, freedom,  gratitude for each others' work  and a positive and open-minded approach to the ideas and opinions offered by each  individual. . . all in a spirit of interconnectedness and love.


TRIUNE members generally believe that the Divine essence is found not just in so-called “sacred” places, but that it exists everywhere; consequently, any place on the planet can, by concentrated effort, be made a sacred space.  Equally, members believe that all individuals possess the ability to be “outposts,” so to speak, for Divine energies and have the capacity, should they work hard enough to develop the ability, to anchor those energies here on Earth and manipulate them for positive and altruistic aims.


We also agree  that knowledge of the sacred is not limited to just a chosen few. Rather, all human beings (if our motives be pure and unselfish) are capable of unravelling the mysteries of the Universe and assisting as co-workers those Sacred Beings who help on the progress of the human race.  Indeed, we believe it is our duty to learn as much as possible through study and personal experimentation and then to use that knowledge to assist this Great  Hierarchy of Sacred Beings in aiding the planet and humanity.


Out of choice, TRIUNE does not seek tax-exempt, non-profit status.  Therefore, members are free to express not just our spiritual opinions, but our political ones as well. There are no dues or fees to join the group or to maintain one’s membership.  The group’s financial needs (which are very small) are funded exclusively by goodwill donations from members who feel they are financially able to do so. No one is ever denied membership for lack of ability to contribute financially. Members receive a yearly statement of how all donated funds are used. These expenses typically are for phone, internet, postage stamps, envelopes , paper, toner for the printer, occasional resource materials and similar items. All work is done by unpaid volunteers.


TRIUNE members receive regular e-mail newsletters from the project coordinator, containing a monthly meditation theme and news of importance to the general membership. Members also receive an eight-page, quarterly newsletter via regular postal mail or as e-mail attachment, whichever is preferred. The newsletters contain information about projects on which the various members are working, news of physical meetings which take place among the members, an inspirational essay which aids in our study and meditation efforts, articles, poetry and artwork sent in by members and more.


If what is written here resounds to your own heart, then we cordially invite you to join in our efforts.  Citizens from any country of the world are encouraged to join. Please go to Contact Us for application information. Blessings of Love and Light.