Esoteric Research



By Dean Carter

Our interest in these entities/energies also known as ‘orbs’ began about four years ago. We work using sacred sound and reasoned that as using overtoning and other forms of Pure Sound are a bridge between dimensions, these obviously mutli-dimensional or 5th dimensional/elemental energies might be attracted to our work. Eventually we got the photographic evidence to follow our intention, our first really ‘wow’ example is shown below:


This seems to mark the pattern of a classic example, with an outer bright ring or ‘atmosphere’ discernable, then successive concentric internal dark and bright bands, plus patterns and details within which can sometime be very symmetrical and beautiful. But there were many other types and ‘styles’ if you like to follow. And sometimes they were present in large numbers. For example in the photograph below taken after one of our soundbaths using crystal and Tibetan bowls and vocal overtoning as you can see many types and styles are present including examples with a slightly cut-off side, brighter ones with no detail and, here, a large pink globular example:


My co-worker in this experiment, Lorna Heath is the one with the soul/intuitive connection to these entities, and she asked them if they would make themselves seen just in her front room (whereas we’d previously associated them with not just sacred sound but also sacred sites). She was immediately successful as in the next photograph:

We had both disliked the word ‘orbs’ to describe these objects as being a very arbitrary and non-sacred choice. The whole phenomenon indeed seemed to be suffering from the unfortunate human capacity to compartmentalise the mysteries of life into pre-existing and convenient mental pigeon holes. Lorna therefore asked them directly through meditation what their true name was, what they call themselves, what they would like to be called. A few days later she had a migraine headache, and on ‘coming out’ of it asked me what the word ‘EL-AEON’ meant. I told her it meant she had been answered!

‘EL’ is the familiar suffix given in Archangel names, such as ‘Gabriel’. It is the ancient Hebrew for a light-being, in its masculine singular form, derived originally from the Caananite name of God. Its feminine equivalent is ‘ELOH’. The ELOHIM, plural, are the Creator beings, (note: plural!!!) who create all things in Genesis chapter 1. AEON is usually used nowadays to mean an era of epoch of time, but originally meant the ruling High Spiritual Being of that time. It is a word in Greek which is essentially equivalent to the word ELoHIM. The phrase we have translated in English from the Bible as ‘The Holy Spirit’ is, in Hebrew ELoHIM RUaCh, ‘the breath of the ELoHIM’. In Greek it is ‘to aeon pneuma’, ‘the breath of the AEONs’. Lorna had no idea of any of this and was given these two words linked uniquely in this way entirely through ‘channelled’ or intuitive means.

The sanctity of this terminology given as an answer to the real name of the phenomena makes it clear that ‘orbs’ isn’t an adequate or sufficiently sacred term to cover these light-beings, and we seek to replace the popular use of ‘orbs’ with this new given term for them.

Assumptions about the nature and purpose of the EL-AEONS became quickly overturned in our investigations as Lorna continued to capture more and more of them on camera. For instance she found the whole sky full of them at night on occasions. There are no stars visible in the next picture taken on a cloudy night:

The next example shows an extremely bright EL-AEON taken outside: this is NOT the fiull moon, there were no visible lights in the sky at the time!

A few other single favourites remarkable for their detail and patterning follow:

A face exhibiting three-dimensionality is clearly visible in the above example taken at dawn outside : again Lorna had made specifically a request for the EL-AEONS to be with her and be visible. She does not see them with her physical eyes.

Many people are now photographing EL-AEONS, while others are not. This seems to be down to the energy-field of the camera user and how it interacts with the environment and the camera itself. Hopefully the quote below sheds some light on the existence of human auric interactions with ‘hard’ technology equipment, equipment:

experimental outcomes…have revealed in nature the presence of a second

unique level of physical reality that is moduleatable by human intention.

We have been able to show that the human acupuncture meridian/chakra

system is functioning at this same higher EM gauge symmetry level…..

Thus sustained, directed human intention can create, in the human biofield,

the necessary ingredients to alter the physical properties of our material environment.

human consciousness is capable of coupling humans and instruments to

another unique level of physical reality, not normally detectable

by conventional instrumentation, and that this level of reality may have its

own set of life-forms, some of which may be able to image under the appropriate conditions.

William A. Tiller, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

The above quotation is in fact highly relevant and important to anyone working with ‘non-local’ phenomena, ‘light-work’, and so on.

Some people who dismiss the phenomena quite definitely do not ‘get’ EL-AEONS, yet others who are dismissive of it and/or completely unaware can!

All explanations of them as being merely ‘dust’ are laughable and disproved easily by digital technology itself. The three photographs following were all taken within ONE MINUTE on a windless night of a full moon as anyone looking at the time coding on the shots could confirm:

In the first picture various types of EL-AEONS are visible as are strands of what we have come to call ‘plasma’ which seem to be related to EL-AEONS and their activities. Then the whole sky is full of EL-AEONS. Then they disappear completely. I’m afraid that, on a windless night, ‘dust’ does not and would not do as an explanation of these images!

Another pseudo-scientific explanation is that they are due to malfunctions of the complexities of digital photographic equipment. Unfortunately this does not hold water either as, as many people are now realising on taking a closer look at their old photographs on 35-mil ‘normal’ film, they have been around for a long time and are not a purely digital phenomenon. The examples below were given to us by a gentleman who had taken them in the 1980s after a bomb detonation in Northern Ireland, he being an army bomb-disposal expert at the time. EL-AEONS often can be detected in photographs of family gatherings etc. Where people are just joyful, but this photograph also reveals they are not only here to share n human joys, but perhaps to disperse of heal negative energies..?

As a final answer to what these phenomena are or represent we include this message given to Lorna in meditation on the subject earlier this year:

The EL-AEONS are Beings from the Sun and are teachers for us Earth teachers to people entering the Age of Aquarius.

Text (c) Dean Carter and Lorna Heath

Images (c) Lorna Heath except photograph of bomb-site EL-AEONS (c) Mark Edwards.