The Feminine Principle – Part 1

By Deni Gross

angel imageWe must walk the middle path between the pillars of mercy (Chesed) and severity (Geburah), male (yang) and female (yin), fire and water, wisdom (Chokmah) and understanding (Binah). The middle path is synthesis: the synergy of thesis and anti-thesis, positive and negative, light and darkness. It is the breath of air between the pillars of fire and water, and the neutrons among the protons and electrons holding our world together. It is "The One from nothing that became the many."Male energy controls the left side of our brains, our projective, rational, logical, intellectual thought processes. Female energy emanates from the right hemisphere of our brains, where our receptive, intuitive, emotional, creative impulses arise. Our world today, overwhelmed by the male aspect, requires more female polarity to achieve homeostasis. We need the more caring, nurturing, compassionate aspects of the woman to counteract the dominion of the male aggressive energies and other attributes which occur in an absence of balance. For our evolution and reintegration, the feminine principle is essential for restoring and maintaining the proper balance for growth in our universe of duality. -- a Triune Member

Our Agni Yoga online study group is currently discussing a topic from the teachings called "the feminine principle," and it is quite relevant to our TRIUNE work for 2011. The above quote, from one of our study group participants who wishes to remain anonymous, touches briefly on the difficulties humanity faces at this time in its spiritual development – an imbalance between those lingering attributes which were dominant and necessary for growth in previous ages and new attitudes which must be assimilated in order for the race to move forward in this new era. Essentially, the feminine principle, in an attitude of balance and harmony, must be liberated from dormancy and assume its rightful position of prominence alongside and equal to the masculine principle.

In the Piscean Age, humanity was given guideposts to aid its understanding of the feminine principle, but selfish ones hid and distorted the teachings to suit their own aims, leaving humanity to struggle in its own misunderstanding. In his essay entitled Maria Magdala – Christ Sophia, TRIUNE member Dean Carter says of the personage known as Mary Magdalene, "she and Jesus Christ were Master and most worthy Successor, Heir and Spiritual Disciple." Lady Maria Magdala, was "the incarnation of the Christ-Sophia, the Feminine Divine, that balanced, complemented and was equal to Jesus, the incarnated Christ-Logos, the Divine Masculine." Had Mary Magdalene been allowed to assume her rightful position, humanity might be entering a very different-looking Aquarian Age, and already be equipped with a deeply rooted understanding of the Divine Feminine.

A great deal of misunderstanding surrounds these concepts, and any discussion about them can end in heated debates, hurt feelings and further misunderstanding. To avoid this, we first must clearly realize that any such discussion implies no judgment, criticism, praise or any other emotional response regarding either of the sexes or any of the characteristics normally associated with each. It goes without saying that every man and woman exhibits, to some degree, characteristics of both the masculine and feminine principles. This is not an examination of individuals or personality attributes, but rather a discussion about general cultural trends – race characteristics – which must be formulated, refined and implemented for the entire human race to progress in a healthy way.

For thousands of years, humanity has been under patriarchal dominance due to the ingrained race characteristic which over-emphasizes the masculine principle. This has essentially silenced those attributes which are generally associated with the feminine: compromise, cooperation, intuition, compassion, mediation, birthing, care-taking, healing. For an example, we have only to look at humanity's general inability to change the way we respond to conflict, resulting in our current lack of global peace. Despite attempts by well-meaning persons to introduce new modes of conflict resolution, humanity's ingrained tendencies towards domination and aggression still continue to be the most well-known and accepted modes for settling disputes. Note the many wars and regional conflicts still occurring around the globe, costing countless lives and using precious resources and talents which are so desperately needed elsewhere. It takes little effort to understand that unless this attitude dramatically changes, humanity will stagnate in its spiritual and racial development. The realization of this may be easy enough; however, changing the current thought patterns of the majority of humanity is quite another task. So in 2011, let's make this a major focus of our TRIUNE work.

To begin, in our own private meditation periods, we can focus on contacting and thoroughly understanding the feminine principle and the attributes normally associated with it. Of course, it makes no difference if we are male or female, as we are talking about Divine attributes. Our objective at first is to sufficiently "saturate" our vehicles with the vibrations associated with the feminine principle and then, later, to disperse these vibrations among others. This is no easy task, for on a practical level, it involves learning to holding oneself in a constant state of unconditional love, empathy and compassion, no matter the situation. Success will lead humanity into the next phase of its spiritual development. Consider the following from At the Threshold of the New World: Dreams,Visions and Letters of Helena Roerich.

The Teachers who dictated the Agni Yoga books to her (Helena Roerich) spoke about the approaching time of the Mother of the World, a new evolutionary turn that will be nourished by female energy… At the end of the twentieth century, our planet and humanity inhabiting it have come close to a new turn of the evolutionary spiral. The Living Ethics books indicate the principal characteristics of this turn: an approach of new energies to the planet, an enhanced interaction of worlds of other dimensions with our dense world, a skilled handling of psychic energy by man, an intense interaction with cosmic energy structures and expanded energy information exchange with them, a rise in the level of synthesis of matter and spirit, and finally, the formation of a new, higher and more refined type of humanity – humanity of the sixth type, or the sixth race, our race being the fifth one.