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An eclectic mystic and student of the esoteric, as well as a professional astrologer, Tasha Halpert began studying astrology over thirty years ago and has written for several astrological publications in the past as well as done radio astrological forecasting. Her primary focus is on how best to use the energies represented by the planetary movements. She sees the dance of the spheres as reflecting currents of energy which may be ridden or made use of rather than battering us around. She is happy to answer questions on the subject of astrology. Drop her an email at


April 2018

Provided by Tasha Halpert

The month starts with the Sun in Aries, always good for beginnings; however  Mercury will still be retrograde, so think about beginning again what has stalled or become sidetracked. Mercury, both retrograde and direct will be in Aries all month long. This can encourage hasty communications—check or confirm details and directions until after it turns direct on the 15th. Venus is at home in Taurus, one of her own planets. This will in most cases make for easy choices. This ends when she enters Gemini, on the 24th and after.

No other planets change signs this month. Mars remains steady and ambitious in Capricorn, Jupiter promotes rebirth and renewal in Scorpio, Saturn bears down in strongly in its own sign of Capricorn and turns retrograde on the 17th increasing its pressure. Uranus is approaching its volatile conclusion in Aries; Neptune floats along in its own sign of Pisces; and Pluto in Capricorn continues to bring hidden issues to light. It too turns retrograde on the 22nd, increasing the pressure of its presence on politics and business. Returns of matters thought settled may occur.

The New Moon in Aries coincides with Mercury’s turning direct on the 15th. This will be a fabulous day to begin or to launch anything you wish to, the more innovative, unique and special the better; the next two weeks hold energy for promotion as well. The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on the 29th,signaling an excellent time for eliminating what is useless or outmoded or for regenerating what needs to be healed or renewed. The next two weeks will be good for that. 

Days to be cautious: On the 1st and 2nd obstacles may arise with Mars/Saturn conjunct: irresistible action versus immovable object. On the 3rd and 4th, Mercury/Mars squared may find us irritable or argumentative: travel or communications versus frenetic energy. The 4th and 5th hold Mercury/Saturn squared: communications versus the pressure of responsibility. On the 10th and 11thSun/Pluto squared may frame some unfortunate revelations: bright light versus hidden or criminal activity. The 24th and 25th brings a repeat of Mercury/Saturn Squared energy. The 24th and 25th bring a Mars/Pluto conjunction with the potential for violence: stay out of conflicts. 

Here’s the positive side: On the 1st Sun/Mercury conjunct brings light to communications. On the 7th Venus/Saturn trine helps cement choices or relationships. The 10th and 11th brings a Venus/Mars trine, great energy for art, romance or fun. On the 16th and 17th the Venus/Jupiter opposition and the Venus/Pluto Trine could promote deep pleasure and great romance.  On the 17th and 18th Sun/Uranus conjunction could bring wonderful opportunities out of the blue. On the 29th a Sun/Saturn trine together with the Full Moon may bring opportunities to solidify what is working well. Remember: these are only opportunities, not givens. For best results, use the energy as it occurs.


March 2018

Provided by Tasha Halpert

March first brings a Virgo full Moon. Plans and efforts made during the new to full waxing period can now be tested, then confirmed or not. As the full Moon begins to wane, consolidation takes place. Virgo symbolizes care for details, detached nurturing, cleanliness and organization. March 31 brings another full Moon--in Libra. Artistic expression, equality, and justice are aspects of this sign. 

The 17th brings New Moon in Aries. This is powerful, beginning the annual cycle of new Moons. Use the energy of this time to start an important task or project, ideally ready for fulfillment at the companion full Moon in 6 months. Working with the cycles of the Moon enhances the energy available for your plans. If you know your chart or have access to it, see where it falls and direct your efforts.

March begins with the Sun in compassionate Pisces, ending the astrological year. It changes to challenging Aries on the 20th. Mercury is in intuitive Pisces until the 6ththen moves into quick witted Aries. Venus too is in Pisces on the 1st and enters fashion conscious Aries on the 6th. Mars begins March in energetic Sagittarius. The 17th it enters cautious Capricorn. Jupiter is in mysterious Scorpio  turning retrograde the 9th. Saturn is in responsible Capricorn, Uranus in fast-acting Aries, Neptune in mystical Pisces and Pluto in relentless Capricorn.

Mercury starts slowing down and turns retrograde on the 22nd. Try to purchase any new machinery or electronic equipment prior to this date. The next three weeks will be best for renewals, returns, reconditioning, repairs or other activities beginning with re. If you are replacing an item, you may not suffer consequences from buying a new one. On the other hand, this is a perfect time to go through and discard or recycle clothing or other useful items. It is fine to plan projects, yet best to wait until April 15th to put them into action.

Now for the individual important days to use wisely. March 1st Venus/Jupiter trine: good luck for all; 1st and 2nd Mercury/Jupiter trine aids communication and travel; 4th Sun/Neptune plus Mercury Venus Conjunct, a felicitous artistic day; 8th Jupiter turns retrograde: benefits held up or delayed benefits surface; 10th and 11thMercury/Saturn square and Mars/Uranus Trine: an impactful weekend: complications, delays, excitement or even violence.

13th Sun/Jupiter trine: good luck and happiness; 19th and 20th Mercury/Venus conjunct: good travel, art, communication; 22nd Mercury retrograde avoid travel;  23rd Venus/Pluto squared: conflicts over choices; 24th, Sun/Mars square: be mindful of accidents; 28th Venus/Uranus conjunction: choices may surprise; 29thSun/Saturn square suggests responsibilities may be stressful.


January 2018

Provided by Tasha Halpert

The New Year begins with a Supermoon on New Year's Day. Full Moon in Cancer is helpful for nurturing warmth and hospitality. The New Moon on the 16th in late Capricorn suggests a focus for the New Year on effectiveness in business and work you may be contemplating. Make a list of what you wish to accomplish in the months to come. A second Full Moon on the last day of the month brings a Lunar Eclipse in Leo. Some romances may see a conclusion or it may be that efforts on behalf of loved ones need to change in some way. Gamblers beware. 

Three planets besides the Sun change signs. Aquarius, the shortest month, begins on the 19th, so we move from Capricorn conservative to inventive in atmosphere. Mercury starts in Sagittarius, changing to Capricorn on the 11th. Communications and travel go from expanded practical. It shifts to quirky Aquarius on the 31st. Venus begins the month in Capricorn, moves into Aquarius on the 17th. Choices and decisions go from the practical to the experimental. Mars goes from Scorpio to Sagittarius on the 26th. Actions and activities change from deep and thorough to expanded even perhaps blown out of proportion. 

After the 2nd when Uranus goes direct, there are no retrograde planets. Life may develop some speed and matters that have been delayed or postponed may be resolved or concluded. With Saturn now in Capricorn, pressure on the educational system as well as welfare may ease up and religion, politics and business will come in for emphasis on structure and responsibility, not to mention eliminate unnecessary waste and excess of all kinds. It is always interesting to see what occurs when significant planets change signs. 

Although there seem to be relatively few either severe or beneficial aspects, this month does hold a number of opportunity sextiles. There is a cluster of them on the 8th, when good fortune must be seized rather than taken as a given. The 9th has a cluster of conjunctions early in the day that will have an influence on the 8th as well. These represent chances for important transformation. Taken together these are two of the most significant days in the month, the other two being the 6th and the 13th, which are not quite as powerful. 

Individual days to be aware are the 2nd, with Uranus going stationary direct, the 6th with a Mercury/Uranus trine for powerful thinking and communications and Mars/Jupiter conjunct, a potential for significant destruction and/or good. The 13th holds a combination of Mercury/Saturn conjunct and Venus/Uranus square. Chickens could come home to roost. On the 14th a Sun/Uranus square might signal disruption, the 24th mercury/Pluto conjunction intensifies communication. The 27th and  28th  a Mercury/Uranus square could produce disruptive or original communications. The 31st Lunar Eclipse might impact romance and children.


December 2017

Provided by Tasha Halpert

Sagittarius, powered by the planet Jupiter, holds sway this month until the solstice on the 21st, when Capricorn, powered by Saturn takes over. On the 19th the planet Saturn moves out of Sagittarius, where it has been for approximately the last 2½ years with its repressive influence in education, religion and welfare, and into Capricorn where we will see how politics and business are affected by the stern, often karmic energy it represents. 

Mercury spends much of this month in retrograde motion in the sign of Sagittarius. It turns retrograde on the 3rd and goes direct on the 22nd. Christmas shopping is best done either early or late or else include a way for your gift to be exchanged if it is unsuitable or the wrong size. Communications could be affected—and depending on where Mercury in Sagittarius falls natally in your chart, that is the area where you need to take extra precautions to make sure all details are properly attended to. 

Uranus in Aries is the only other retrograde planet this month. Pluto chugs along in Capricorn where next year it will meet up with Saturn: immovable object meets irresistible force. Neptune swims along in Pisces, while Mars begins in Libra and changes signs on the 9th  entering Scorpio, the original power for this sign. Venus actually changes signs on the 1st, moving into the benevolent energy of Sagittarius, promoting hospitality and generosity just in time for the holidays. She moves into Capricorn on Christmas, joining Saturn, making the day karmic.   

Full Moon in Gemini is on the 3rd, also the day Mercury makes its station, turning retrograde in Sagittarius. The full moon, generally speaking, brings high energy to the day so there could be traffic confusion and/or a desire to spend more than might be wise. The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on the 18th. Plan educational or spiritual efforts for the next two weeks, or set goals in those areas.  The New Moon says plan in for growth and progress in the appropriate areas indicated. 

Take care on the 1st as a Mars/Uranus opposition may fuel conflict. Be mindful on the 3rd with Mercury retrograde and an obscuring Sun/Neptune square. A Venus/Neptune square could means confusion around choices on the 10th. Blessings may flow on the 2nd with a Jupiter /Neptune trine. Mercury/Saturn conjunction on the 6th could be helpful for grounding. A Mercury/Uranus trine on the 10th may bring bright ideas. The 12th sees a Sun/mercury conjunction for effective communication. Mercury /Venus conjunct on the 15th indicates opportunities for educated choices, Sun/Uranus trine on the 16th suggests surprises, Venus/Uranus trine on the 20th brings unusual results from choices. The 21st solstice is enhanced by a steadying Sun/Saturn conjunction. On the 25th a Venus/Saturn conjunction enhances gift giving, the 27th and 28th may be confusing or possibly spiritually helpful with a Mars/Neptune trine.




An Alternative View of Astrology by Tasha Halpert

When I was growing up, I didn’t think much of astrology. My mother would read her horoscope in the newspapers and invariably if something bad happened, in her mind it was and still is due to the activity of the stars. This struck me as silly, and I shrugged off astrology as “something my mother was interested in.”. I grew up, got married, had five children. Then, because I was a stay-at-home mom with little to no mental stimulation, for a lark I decided to look into astrology and see if there was anything to it. I took a mail order course, and after a year or so, offered to do charts for free. Responses to my first attempts were positive and I continued to study and learn. Now many years later I find astrology a useful tool that I use consistently to help me in my own life as well as to help others in theirs.

The signs and planets are connected with energies associated with or represented by the Gods and Goddesses, giving wonderful clues to the effects of the signs and planets. However, they are only a part of the story. The positions of the signs and their relationships, as well as their movements through the sky are also important in the scheme of things. In addition to the signs the Sun may travel through, attention to those that the Moon traverses monthly can be extremely helpful, as any farmer or gardener will tell you, in planning ones activities—whether on the farm or in business. Former President Reagan’s success was said to be due in large part to the advice of his personal astrologer. Yet many folk still believe it is a lot of bunk and make fun of those who believe in it. This is not surprising, given the prevailing attitudes of the media and of those who presume to know how things work. I believe that the reasons for the ridicule of these folk is based on the language used in astrology.

This is a metaphor for what I think happens: If you came from outer space and had never seen the traffic pattern of a city street you might infer that rather than the drivers making the cars stop and go, it is the traffic lights that accomplish that. So it is with astrology: The fault lies in its language, which makes it appear that we are being influenced by the movement of the stars rather than that their patterns reflect our movements.

Astrologers of ancient times probably believed that this was true. They also believed in a very black and white world: Saturn was “bad” or malefic, as was Mars, while Jupiter and Venus were benefic. Planets “ruled” signs and folk were ruled by their sign, invariably seen to be succumbing to its difficulties or triumphing over them. Unfortunately, many astrologers and astrology books seem still to be mired in these old ways of seeing and being.

From my perspective, the movement of the stars reflects our movements or actions or our potential for that. Another way of stating this theory is "As above, so below." We can see astrological patterns in terms of reflection rather than in terms of direction. For instance, when we watch the weather report, we see patterns of wind, tide, heat and gravity. To the interpreter, these reflect weather. The patterns are not the weather. They are a representation of the potential for what will become windy, rainy, hot, cold, cloudy or sunny days.

Before the invention of scientific instruments, weather reports were read from omens: patterns of insect or animal behavior, or the flight of birds. An omen is a symbolic message concerning the potential for what is or will be happening. Omens were also taken before kings and chieftains planned their war campaigns or made their important decisions. In days gone by, the planets and signs of astrology were read for omens as once the entrails of sacrificial animals were—it was believed that they conveyed a picture of an irrevocable fate. Now that we have evolved beyond blood sacrifice as a means to reading the future, perhaps it's time to update our approach to astrology.

In the past, the language of astrology and astrologers has made it appear that we are irrevocably influenced by the planets and their placement. This has caused the scientifically minded to cry "hoax" and "charlatan" and amuse themselves at the expense of astrology. If this suits them, that’s fine with me. Those who are firmly convinced that astrology is bunk will not be convinced otherwise. That is their belief and I don’t argue with that. It’s pointless to argue with anyone’s belief because it’s not logical or rational. However, those that take a more open minded approach can learn to use astrology to help themselves to a happier life and an easier one. This is done by learning a little about how it works and applying its principles to their own lives. I have been doing this for a long time now and I appreciate how helpful astrology is to me.

How It All Begins
We ourselves create our own destiny. We do this not so much as a result of what happens to us in our lives, but rather from how we accept and deal with what happens to us. For instance, I could have chosen to stay with my first husband. He ridiculed everything I believed in or tried to do to improve myself. He insisted I give up the pursuit of my own happiness and spend all my time and energy on the family and their happiness. I could have stayed with him and become ill in mind and body or, as I chose to do, I could leave and pursue that happiness elsewhere. The potential for both was delineated in my astrological chart. I chose to follow my bliss and it has led me in wonderful places. I could also be seriously depressed, on medication and still enmeshed in my former husband’s plans for my life. I chose to follow my positive potential rather than my negative one.

We all know people in similar circumstances who have responded differently to circumstances that have doomed others. As Shakespeare said “Our fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” Or, “The wise man (or woman) rules his or her stars, the fool is ruled by them.” We are given the star patterns as a guideline with which to view our overall potential for any given lifetime. The pattern of the stars at the moment of our first breath upon the physical plane sets up as a matrix that represents our potential for this life as we have chosen it before we were born. The moment when we become independent of the mother's body could be said to be the first true moment of life as who we are and are to be. With the help of teachers and texts we can learn how to interpret our charts as well as to take advantage of what we have learned about ourselves from them.

Theory and Practice
Although there are theories about its origins, we not know who really invented astrology nor is that important. It is a tool that can be used to time events as well as assess both career and relationship compatibility. Using astrological charts, educators and parents as well as personnel directors and counselors can assess potential or both positive and negative results. Wherever this has been done on a small scale it has been helpful. People who use astrology to plan business meetings, weddings, family gatherings, even parties, can pick times propitious to the desired result. This is the same as consulting a weather report before planning a picnic.



An Alternative View of Astrology, By Tasha Halpert

The symbols of astrology are a kind of shorthand or “glyph” that conveys information. It helps to learn these in order to be able to follow the movements of the planets in their signs. They are not difficult to learn, especially if you associate them with their relatively simple meanings. The following descriptions tell you the chief characteristics that make up the basis for each sign and the planets that power them.

Astrological signs are chiefly characterized in three ways: according to Element, to Quality, and to Polarity. A sign’s element is either Earth, Air, Fire, or Water. Its Quality—Cardinal, Fixed, or Common or Mutable, is its chief thrust or movement. The Qualities are analogous to the progress of the seasons or the phases of the Moon: Cardinal represents the first or initial month of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter; Fixed characterizes the second month of each and Common or Mutible the last. Each sign is characterized by a quality, and element, and also a polarity,

Polarity can be defined as Masculine or Feminine, Yin or Yang, Active or Passive, Alternating or Direct--one of two halves that form opposite poles. In addition each sign has at least one and sometimes two planets assigned to it. The planet represents the thrust behind as well as the character of the sign's energy, including the direction it may take.

In the past, planets have been said to "rule" the signs. I prefer to think of them as the power or powers within it. Finally, each sign is said to symbolize a part of the body, from head to toe. Taken together, Element, Quality, Polarity, Power, and Body Part make up the basic picture of each sign. They form the essential information that guides the interpretation the signs, as well as the way a planet in that sign is clothed.

Aries, the Ram, has a ram's horns for his symbol. Cardinal, the first sign of Spring, a Fire sign, powered by Mars, god of competition and conflict, he represents initiative energy. His part of the body is the head, a reflection of Aries’ desire to lead. He enjoys athletics and physical movement, as symbolized by the mountain climbing abilities of the ram.

Taurus, the bull, has a bull's head for a symbol. Fixed, the second sign of Spring, an Earth sign, powered by Venus, goddess of love, she is here concerned with the energy of maintenance and fertility. Her part of the body is the throat and neck. Music is her province, as symbolized by the voice.

Gemini, the twins has the sign for two for his glyph. . He is Mutable or Common, the go-between, the last sign of Spring, and provides the energy to move into the summer. He is an Air sign, powered by Mercury the messenger of the gods in its airy aspect. His part of the body is the arms and shoulders, symbolizing dexterity, but being a messenger he also symbolizes communication and by definition, speech as well as intellect and thought.

Cancer is symbolized by the crab, her glyph shows the two eyes peering out from the shell. Cardinal, she is the first sign of Summer, and Water is her element. She is powered by the Moon, and because it waxes and wanes she can be expected to be moody. Her part of the body is the breast and the stomach, emphasizing her parental, nurturing makeup.

Leo is symbolized by the lion, and his glyph looks like a lion's tail. Fixed Fire, like the steady Sun that powers him, he is the middle sign of summer. His part of the body is the heart and the spine, symbolizing the romantic, as well as the stubborn nature of Leo. He is sunny, generous, and playful by disposition for the sun shines on all with equal benevolence. Like the powerful sun standing alone in the sky or the king of beasts, he is willful and given to willfulness.

Virgo is symbolized by the virgin goddess, answering to no man. She is Common or Mutable, the third sign of Summer, the go-between to Fall. She symbolizes the harvest as yet unreaped. Powered by Mercury in its earthy aspect,. Her glyph is three feminine curves. She is the caregiver of the zodiac, tending with the hands symbolized by Mercury. Her part of the body is the digestive tract. A Virgo can be expected to break everything down into its parts and then assimilate them for practical use.

Libra as shown in his glyph, is symbolized by the scales.  He is Cardinal Air, beginning Fall. Powered by Venus in her air aspect, he symbolizes the arts, as well as connections between people, such as marriage or contracts of any kind, as well as the legal profession. His body part is the kidneys without which the body cannot balance itself.

Scorpio is symbolized by a scorpion with a sting in its tail, shown in her glyph as the arrow pointing upward. A Fixed Water sign, as characterized by ice, she is the second sign of Fall. She is powered by two planets: the original Mars in a passive or patient mode symbolizing Scorpio's ability to hold on, especially in relationships, and Pluto, planet of transformation, symbolizing her ability to regenerate and rise again.  Her part of the body is the sex organs and she is said to be sexual in nature.

Sagittarius is symbolized by an arrow in a glyph pointing skyward. His is Common or Mutible Fire, blazing in the eyes and heart of the adventurer who yearns to wander the earth, the third sign of Fall. The archer behind the arrow is Chiron the Centaur who was a philosopher and teacher. Jupiter is the power behind the sign and symbolizes the educational process by which we are carried forward. His body part is the thighs, moving him forward, whether on foot or gripping a mount.

Capricorn is symbolized by a glyph representing a goat's horns and tail. . Cardinal, with Earth for her element she is the first sign of Winter. The most businesslike sign of the zodiac, with politics as part of her executive nature, like the goat of her glyph, she is liable to butt heads with you. She is powered by stalwart, structured Saturn, sometimes known as Father Time. Her part of the body is the knees, signifying her ability to leap over obstacles and perch on the heights, but also when necessary to win by bending.

Aquarius is symbolized by a glyph of two wavy lines, Fixed Air, a seeming anomaly. Yet the currents of the winds are fixed, and so is the electrical energy symbolized by Uranus, his power planet. Originally powered by Saturn, this eccentric second sign of Winter can be surprisingly conservative--another Saturnian trait. His body part is the ankles, signifying the ability of the sign to swivel this way and that while remaining planted in one place.

Pisces, Common or Mutable Water is the last sign of Winter. In her role as go-between she moves us toward Spring. Symbolized by a glyph of two joined fish she is powered by Neptune, which symbolizes her ability to immerse herself completely in any situation. Once powered only by Jupiter, now included, she is therefore generously open hearted. The most charitable of the signs, she lacks the more philosophical detachment of the Sagittarian. Her body part is the feet, said to be the most spiritual part of the body, perhaps because they are the means whereby we walk through this life on our way to achieving wholeness.



An Alternative View of Astrology, By Tasha Halpert

The process of our enlightenment really gains strength when we recognize that we ourselves create our own destiny. We accomplish this not so much as a result of what happens to us in our lives, but rather from how we accept and deal with what happens to us. While not everyone has the strength to make the right moves for themselves immediately, sooner or later, if we get uncomfortable enough and if it is in us to do so, we will take action.

For instance, despite many indications to the contrary, I could have chosen to stay with my first husband. He ridiculed everything I believed in or tried to do to improve myself. He insisted I give up the pursuit of my own happiness and spend all my time and energy on the family and their happiness. I could have stayed with him and become ill in mind and body or, as I chose to do, I could leave and pursue that happiness elsewhere.

The potential for both was delineated in my astrological chart. I chose to leave a situation that was slowly making me ill, and that choice has led me in wonderful directions. I could have remained, become seriously depressed, on medication and still be enmeshed in my former husband’s plans for my life—certainly if that were the case I would not be writing this column.

I chose to follow my positive potential rather than my negative one. Before I had become an astrologer, I went to one. She told me in no uncertain terms that “I was married to the wrong man.” Later, after I had left him, another predicted, despite my protests, that I would marry again. She also described my present husband and our life together. Gradually I came to feel more and more confident of the value of astrological predictions.

We all know people who have swum positively in circumstances that have submerged others. As Shakespeare said “Our fault lies not in our stars but in ourselves, that we are underlings.” Or, “The wise man (or woman) rules his or her stars, the fool is ruled by them.” We are given the star patterns as a guideline with which to view our overall potential for any given lifetime.

Although there are many theories about its origins, we not know who really invented astrology. However, it is simply a tool; do we care who invented the hammer? the scythe? It can be used to time events as well as to assess both career and relationship compatibility. Using astrological charts, educators and parents as well as personnel directors and counselors can discover both positive and negative potential. People who use astrology to plan business meetings, weddings, family gatherings, even parties, can pick times propitious to the desired result. This could be said to be the same as consulting a weather report before planning a picnic. It is possible that much of former President Reagan's success could be partly a result of the timing of his meetings and other significant activities which thanks to his wife Nancy were suggested and possibly directed by her astrologer.

One day we may understand the laws of spiritual dynamics--that tendency of energy currents to become outward and visible in the form of the movements of nature. The interpretation of those movements, or the science of reading omens or significant symbols of energy currents, is an inherent ability of human beings. It could be said to be an extension of the wolf's ability to sniff the wind and from it detect the whereabouts of other animals, or a bird's ability to direct its course by following the magnetic currents of the earth's surface.

Astrology is a useful tool, and like any other, if one is inclined to dependency it can become a crutch to lean on rather than a lantern to see by. Yet with a little detachment, astrology can be a valuable aid to charting one's course in life as well as a means for better understanding why circumstances may play out as they may have, might do, or are doing at the time.

One regular planetary occurrence that is easy to make use of is a phenomenon known as Retrograde Mercury. The planet Mercury is symbolic of movement, commerce, communication and dexterity. Mercury is also another name for the trickster God, Hermes. This planet symbolizes the flow of matters relating to the passage of time and energy. Because the astrological system we use is geocentric—patterns are observed from the standpoint of the planet earth, three times a year, Mercury appears to go backward. Symbolically, this heralds a time when communications and commerce get held up, confused, or take a backward step.

What this boils down to is that three times a year for around three weeks at a time, if you are able to, there are certain things it is best to avoid doing. This is not a good time to initiate action, purchase automobiles, machinery of any kind, or computers or buy things because they are on sale. However, if you absolutely need to do any of these things, and then you will probably be just fine. In other words, the world doesn’t have to stop just because Mercury is retrograde. It does, however seem to slow down. It is vital to allow extra time for everything, to get to the airport early, to be able to extend deadlines. Mercury retrograde is a wonderful experience in learning to be patient.

There are also certain things you can plan to do then that go very well indeed. One general rule is that activities that begin with “re” can often be done more efficiently during a retrograde Mercury: repairs, restructuring, repeating, reflecting, reorganizing, reviewing, and so forth. I often save up things to do then because I find it to be an easier and more efficient time to go through my file drawers, closets, collections, and so forth. That stack of papers will get filed with little effort; my to-do list for sorting and discarding what is no longer needed goes down to nothing.

You can make good use of this time to improve certain skills. You can become more accurate and clearer when you give directions, more thorough when you design or read over contracts. You can practice meditating and improve your skills. This is an excellent time to reflect upon life and to review plans and opportunities. All those projects you’ve been meaning to finish up can now be completed. Best of all, you will likely hear from friends and acquaintances you haven’t seen in a long time. For me, this is one of the nicest aspects of this astrological experience.

The days of Retrograde Mercury are excellent ones to mindfully apply my will power and make good use of what could otherwise be a disturbing energy pattern. I am thankful for these energy diagrams or astrological patterns that help me plan and guide my activities. By learning to use the energy of the planets to help me take appropriate action I reinforce my innate ability to claim my own destiny and steer my life in positive directions.


Abundance Checks
Provided by Tasha Halpert

Abundance checks are a tool we can use to create more abundance in our lives.They are written within 24 hours after a New Moon.

Surprisingly, you really don't even need to believe that the check will work when you write it. You will however be amazed at the results, as you will see increased abundance in your life, in some life area. It is not always financial, but certainly in an area that you need.

There is a traditional manner, which has been handed down, that must be followed. If you do not have a checking account you can draw a check on a piece of paper and fill it out the same way - the results will be the same, more abundance for you.

Here’s how to do them:

When: Each new Moon:

  1. Within 24 hours after a New Moon, take a check from your check book. Where it says "Pay to," write your name.
  2. In the little box on the same line where you would fill in a dollar amount write "Paid in full."
  3. On the line underneath your name, where you would write out a dollar amount, write "Paid in full." [I find it works better if you don't add the squiggly line.]
  4. Sign the check: "The Law of Abundance."


Do not put a date on the check. Do not write a specific dollar amount in the check. Put it in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take it from there.

Many people are skeptical about trying this until they do it. After the first time they realize the power of these checks and do them routinely every month! Try it yourself and see!