Economy: Part 2

As we enter this new Aquarian Age, we are on the cusp of an extraordinary breakthrough in the human race’s understanding of money and finance. It is certainly no coincidence that with the current economic crisis threatening to come to a boil, humanity is being forced to accept change in all areas relating to how we view money and so-called “wealth.”

Think about the following prophetic excerpt from The Disciple and Economy by Lucille Cedercrans, written more than 40 years ago.

It is the concept of saving which has created the block in the circulation of the world’s resources and has resulted in a very unhealthy economy. The new economy will not be based at all upon a numerical system, but rather it will be the outer manifestation of the state of consciousness in an entirely different way from what has been true of the past age. It will not be long before the present economic forms – all of them in the world – will collapse. When the shift does come, it will be quite sudden.

How can we best react to this crisis in a positive and productive manner? Our work is going to fall into two categories – that which we can accomplish on the subtler planes of consciousness and that which we can manifest on the physical plane. Since all manifestation first begins on the higher planes, we will have to start with redirecting our own thinking about money and economy and then try to build those thought-forms which will overtake and eventually replace the current, crystallized ones which no longer serve the needs of humanity.

First, it is important to understand that there is no such thing as a lack of money. If money is simply crystallized energy, then how can there be any lack? Energy doesn’t just disappear. All the abundance we need to feed, clothe, shelter, educate and care for every single being on the planet is already in existence, pouring forth at every second from the unlimited Fountainhead Source of all Creation. The problems humanity face today in the economic arena are due not to lack, but rather to mis-direction of that which already exists. There is plenty of food, plenty of water, plenty of shelter (or substances with which to build shelters) , plenty of medicine, plenty of work and opportunity and education....plenty of everything. The problem is that all the world’s resources – its supplies of “plenty” – are hoarded and mis-appropriated into just a few locations or are wasted by a few, to the detriment of the many.

This is exacerbated by the general sense of fear which surrounds the whole idea of economy. When we feel we don’t have enough money, we are afraid; even if we feel we do have enough money, we are still afraid, fearing that it may not be enough or it may not “last.” The current global economic problems have exponentially added fuel to the fire, with daily media messages of gloom and doom that do little to alleviate the general public’s feelings of fear and insecurity. This cycle – not just of hoarding and misappropriation, but also of fear and anxiety – must be broken, so that a healthy and free flow of resources can take place. When the blockages are cleared, humanity will once again thrive.

We must help bring about a change in the way we tangibly view money. Money is crystallized energy – representing all the hopes, wishes and desires of the human race – but it is energy nontheless, fluid and able to be impressed by our thoughts, changed and molded. So our first task is to change the way money is perceived, by impressing it with a new thought-form. We do this by taking energy we normally (and often uselessly) expend in other areas and re-directing it into refining our thought-form of what money really is.

Again, consider the following from The Disciple and Economy.


The first step is to learn to re-identify money. See it as intelligent substance, the basic material. Look at money in the physical plane of affairs as the intelligent aspect which is fluidic, which is not limited in form to amounts, figures and so on. That substance, which according to your wielding of it, your shaping and molding of it, builds forms. Simply re-identify this devic life, see it for what it is. In order to work in the world of appearance, the substance has to be attracted, appropriated and molded into whatever form is going to be used.


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