• TRIUNE member Rene Wadlow, a citizen representative of the United Nations, edits his own website on world politics. It also includes a poetry section and review of NewAge/spiritual publications.
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  • TRIUNE member, Joleen DuBois, is the founder of White Mountain Education Association,, which provides a wealth of information about the Agni Yoga teachings, Helena and Nicholas Roerich, Torkom Saraydarian and more.
  • David Allen Stringer is the International Coordinator of The Universal Alliance, a global network of world servers, associations and NGO's dedicated to creating unity of all humanity as one family at one with the rest of the Divine and natural creation at all levels of Earth, body, mind, soul and spirit. It is designed for the sharing of ideas, ideals, news, skills, knowledge, wisdom and experience on the basis of the spiritually guided ethics of non-violence and the sacredness of all life and the three pillars of a grassroots democratic, confederal world, an economy distributive of all resources, work and wealth and a lived lay-spirituality, not attached to any particular religious dogma or socio-, political- economic-ideology. UA also incorporates The Vision Quester News Agency, Phoenix New LIfe Poetry and Phoenix Music. Please visit our website at  For further information, email David Allen Stringer at