The Avatar of Synthesis and the Ten Seed Groups

by Deni Gross

While humanity is ultimately in charge of its own destiny, we have never been left completely alone in our struggles. The wisdom tradition teaches that spiritually advanced Beings, often known to us as the Masters of Wisdom, carefully watch over the progress of the human race and send help and guidance as karma permits. We can always call upon these beloved Beings; and the science of invocation, particularly as explained in the Alice Bailey teachings, suggests that now is one of those pivotal moments in the history of humanity when our invocations for help are especially warranted.

Occasionally, the desperate cries of humanity become so powerful that they reach even beyond our own planetary system to Beings more evolved than the great Watchers of planet Earth. It’s been said that we have now entered one of those defining periods of human history, and this is directly connected to the incoming energies of synthesis reaching our planet today. Synthesis is a combination of first, second and seventh ray influences and relates to the power of Divine Will, combined with pure Love, and put into concrete practice by the energy of the seventh ray. Synthesis is a new energy which can ultimately produce the balance, peace, harmony and calm necessary to help humanity escape its current chaotic and fruitless struggles and move forward into the new era. This inpouring of the new energy of synthesis is bound with the work of the Avatar of Synthesis, associated with the Great Lodge of Sirius outside our solar system.

In his epic reference book, Fountain Source of Occultism, Theosophist G. de Purucker explained what a momentous, but fleeting, occasion it is for an avatar to intervene on behalf of humanity. He said, “the avatara is a most sublime event in the spiritual history of mankind – like the coming of a great light for purposes esoteric and wonderful; but the light comes and passes.” (pg. 490) He explained that an avatar arriving at opportune cyclical periods “is a flaming spiritual splendor which passes across the horizon of human history, stays for a while and then disappears.” (pg. 486) If we are to understand this correctly then, apparently there is a limited window of opportunity for humanity to respond to the help offered by an Avatar.

G. de Purucker further explained that avatars “are divine rays arising in the bosom of the divine monad and streaming downwards in their various descents in order to do their work in the world through their reflections or representatives on earth.” (pg. 488) However, because this great Being originates outside our solar system, the Avatar of Synthesis cannot descend lower than the cosmic mental plane. Therefore, these energies must be stepped down through those more highly evolved than ourselves, our planetary Hierarchy of Masters. Individuals or groups who can raise their consciousness to the mental plane and attune to this event and the work of the Masters are encouraged to help in this process.

This can best be done during meditation by first identifying ourselves from the Soul level, as Divine Souls who have incarnated here on Earth to do a job. Focus the consciousness in the cave in the center of the head and identify as the Conscious Soul Incarnate. Visualize a line of light extending upward from the center of the head through the top of the head to an overshadowing sphere of blue-white Christ Light, which symbolizes the Ashram of Synthesis and its center of Divine Purpose. Mentally link with the Hierarchy, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Ashram of Synthesis. Offer yourself in service as a conduit for and distributor of the energies of synthesis. Meditate upon the concept of synthesis and how it can help heal the ills of the Earth and remodify the old civilization into the bright new one we envision.

There is a relationship between the Avatar of Synthesis and the new civilization we desire, and ways do exist to help bring it into manifestation. The Alice Bailey teachings, for example, promote the idea of “ten seed groups” – ten different areas of concentration from which esoteric workers can choose to serve the Divine Plan and the creation of the new civilization for the new era. Following are some very, very brief descriptions of these groups and their main areas of focus:


  1. Telepathic Communicators: receptive to impression from the Masters and each other; custodians of group purpose; work from the mental plane, in and with thought matter and the reception and direction of thought currents
  2. Trained Observers: dissipate world glamour and illusion, mainly of the astral plane, through illumination and pouring in of Light
  3. Magnetic Healers: work intelligently with the vital forces of the etheric body; mental, emotional and physical healing intermediaries between the spiritual planes and their physical plane patients
  4. Educators: intermediaries between the higher and lower mind, bringing in the light of knowledge and the use of the mind in meditation
  5. Political Organizers: promote international understanding through communication of the Divine Will into races and nations; deal with the world of human government and the problems of civilization
  6. Workers in the Field of Religion: emphasize the unity and fellowship of the spirit; channel for the activity of the ray of Love-Wisdom and loving synthesis
  7. Scientific Servers: reveal the essential spirituality of all scientific work which is motivated by love of humanity; relate science and religion, bringing to light the glory of God through the medium of the tangible world
  8. Psychologists: reveal the fact of the Soul and the new psychology based on the seven ray types and esoteric astrology; relate the Soul and the personality
  9. Economists: deal with the principle of sharing, which ever governs Divine Purpose
  10. Creative Workers: creatively link and blend life and form; tasked with factually and scientifically relating all the other groups so that the Divine Plan will manifest as a result of this synthesis


In the Alice Bailey work, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, this approach to synthesis is summarized as follows: “The future world order will be the effective expression of a fusion of the inner spiritual way of life and the outer civilized and cultural way of acting.” The one cannot be separated from the other. Permanent change will never come about just by working on the physical plane alone. We must incorporate spiritual principles, combined with actual work on the planes higher than the physical. We suggest that a perfect blending of this process lies in promoting the goals of the Avatar of Synthesis and by participating in the work of the ten seed groups.