The Esoteric Origins of the United States of America

by a TRIUNE member

I am a Rosicrucian. I joined the Order in 1974 and have served in various capacities. I am also a member of the Order of Militia Crucifera Evangelica and a past member of the Martinist ( American and British) and Agni Yoga Societies. I have studied or have a knowledge of the Cabala, Sufism, Buddhism, ancient Egyptian cosmology and theology, I Ching, Taoism, Hinduism, Theosophy etc. I find that everything I have either studied or read expresses One Truth, using different symbols and signs to meet the needs of the particular region.

As a Rosicrucian, I have learned that experiences we gain come directly from our independent interpretation of their principles through our meditation. It is understood that we are individual expressions of the God within, and it is through the wisdom of the soul that we derive our knowledge. Rosicrucians are encouraged to keep a journal during periods of meditation and record the impressions we receive. Through the years, this has become an important source in my life as I commune with the small still voice within. I have discovered through the years since 1975, that anything of profound interest has been recorded in my journal as a result of communing this way. Many times, upon first reading statements I have written, I do not fully understand their meaning. This is not automatic writing, as some might think, but my not knowing how to interpret the later significance of what I had written as I communed with the higher consciousness within. For that reason, I wait until something that relates to what was revealed to me happens; then I have the “a ha” moment.

Regarding the destiny of the United States, this had appeared as a recurring theme in my journal over the years; and I wasn’t quite sure why I had continued to write about it after periods of meditation. Since I found it difficult to fully understand these statements, I sought historical information that might offer some indication of similar pronouncements.

My sense of the greatness of each past civilization has an esoteric basis. I strongly feel that ancient civilizations in the East like Egypt, China, India, all brought forth knowledge that is revered today. There is much we can learn from the study of these great civilizations. European countries also had a profound esoteric base, through the efforts of Madame Blavatsky, working through the Great Masters to form the Theosophical Society, which remains a strong force today. Other great influences include Helena Roerich and her husband Nicholas, once again influenced by the Great Masters, and Sir Francis Bacon, leader of the Rosicrucian movement in Europe,

Under the influence of Bacon, two manifestoes were issued that sparked a tremendous change in Europe – the Fama Fraternitatis and the Confessio Fraternitatis. These documents spread the Rosicrucian movement throughout Europe, encouraging a period of greatness in those countries lasting for approximately 100 years and spawning the emergence of dynamic personalities who spread Light throughout the continent. These included August Francke, who assisted in founding Pietism in Europe and who founded in Halle, Germany a university and orphanage based upon Rosicrucian principles.

At this time, groups formed to study the writings of Jacob Boehme, the mystic shoemaker. With another German mystic, Isaac Van Bebber, William Penn attended these study groups. Eventually, Penn travelled to America to become its first Governor. Penn, incidentally, chose a Rosicrucian, William Markham, who studied at Jane Leade’s in England, to become Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.

This arrival of mystics, Rosicrucians, and other students of esotericism to America’s shores ushered in the beginning of the foundation of a different kind of society. By the 18th century, America was the only country to develop a Constitution as a basis for a democratic society. Three documents, the Declaration of Independence, Emanicipation Proclamation (to free all slaves) and the Constitution, set the stage for a great society.

The Constitution was signed and enacted by a group of sometimes wavering men, many of whom were Masons. Manly P. Hall, in his book The Destiny of America, speaks of the disruptive arguments among the members gathered to sign the Constitution, until the voice of a stranger spoke to the group. No one, including Benjamin Franklin, knew when the stranger arrived, but he spoke passionately. Manly Hall records the stranger’s entire speech in his book. Afterwards, everyone signed the Constitution and when they turned to thank the stranger, he was gone. No one knows when or how he left the room. Hall writes that it is believed that the stranger was Comte St. Germain, who set the destiny of this nation by the signing of this important document.

In Letters of Helena Roerich, Russian esotericist Helena Roerich wrote on June 18, 1936: “At the birth of America, the majority belonged to the sixth and seventh subrace of the Fifth Race. It is remarkable that no one pays attention to the strange fact that almost nowhere in Theosophical literature is our country mentioned, as if a sixth part of the world had no place in the Cosmic plan and evolution. “ Note that at the time of this writing, Helena and her husband lived in the United States. Here, Nicholas Roerich designed a peace banner which he presented to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and which became the symbol of World Peace Day.

Helena continued her remarks with the following revealing statement: “I will answer that which is a secret carefully guarded, and if it were announced prematurely that this country has a great future, it would be torn to pieces. Moreover, the teachings of the Secret Doctrine would not have been accepted. Just as the seeds of the Fifth Race were saved, so also the Sixth will be safeguarded.” I was elated to read this statement. I have often thought of synthesis, and this seems to be evidence that until the chain of evolution of Humanity is completed, synthesis will not have reached its ultimate goal.

The Masons played a very important role in the forming of American democracy. George Washington was a Mason. David Ovason, an English author who wrote The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capitol , points out that the laying of the cornerstone by President Washington for his Capitol was attended by Washington and others Masons wearing their Masonic aprons, bearing esoteric symbols. Ovason continues that the architects who designed the White House, Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institute and the beginnings of the Washington monument included esoteric symbols outside and within the buildings. This is also true of buildings built in Philadelphia, before the cornerstone of Washington, D.C. was laid as the Capitol. I think this points to the influence of a higher Order over this nation.

This country is still young. The Constitution was not signed until 1787, and it still has not been fully enacted. Slavery was abolished in 1863 by the Emancipation Proclamation. But African Americans, although they have made some significant strides in this society, as a group have still not been fully integrated into the opportunities that exist in this society that had so cruelly enslaved them. The working poor can also be included in this group.

Although there continue to be periods of turmoil in the country stemming from many factors, great leaders have emerged who briefly point the way before they are silenced. Yet through it all, I have a sense that all this shall pass; and a leadership which understands that war and the wealth of a few is not the answer will take this country to a higher level of understanding – part of the world stage, but working cooperatively with other countries to bring about a different kind of world, one envisioned by the great mystics and Masters. I sense we are moving towards a realization of who we are in the cosmic scheme of things. It probably will not happen in my lifetime, but the seeds of it are evident beneath the noise of protest and fear to which we are constantly exposed.

Please believe I have not put the United States above other countries. I have merely said that greatness occurs when we work as a synthetic whole. We all have individual perceptions, and I don’t expect every reader to accept all that I have written; but at least you know my heart and mind. How you can assist in this work, I leave to you and your own spiritual guidance.

Throughout his life, Francis Bacon’s fondest hope was the creation of a utopia across the Atlantic, the realization of his “New Atlantis” in the form of a society of free men, governed by sages and scientists, in which his Freemasonic and Rosicrucian principles would govern the social, political and economic life of the new world. – Raymond Bernard

Men bound by a secret oath to labor in the cause of world democracy decided that in the American colonies they would plant the roots of a new way of life. Brotherhoods were established to meet secretly, and they quietly and industriously conditioned America to its destiny for leadership in a free world. Alchemists, Cabalists, Mystics and Rosicrucians were the incisive instruments of Bacon’s plan. Representatives of these groups migrated to the colonies at an early date and set up their organization in suitable places. – Manly P. Hall