What is Truth?

by: a TRIUNE member

The basis of all legitimate esoteric systems is to know Truth. It is the great work of the past in these systems that has led our consciousness to where it is now. Nothing is static. Our consciousness is evolving just as the cycles described. Since each of us is a part of the Universal Soul, with proper training and understanding we can reach synthesis. At that point, we shall reveal to ourselves that we are not free until all humanity is free. We shall not fully enjoy the abundance of the all-powerful God or Essence in its infinite expression that is offered to us, until we have elevated our consciousness to receive it and understand the implications of this knowledge.

I believe that seeking Truth has become more important today as we listen to conflicting opinions, news commentators' predictions and fear of what to expect. All this permeates our society. We are experiencing the impact of that which Humanity has created by our negative thoughts and actions. Nature is exhibiting its powerful force through tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, changes in the ecosystems of the earth, etc. and will continue to do so until we realize that we must expunge negative actions as we enter the age of Renewal.

Our whole purpose on this plane is to serve nature and each other. We only advance as we are willing and able to help others to do so. Certainly we are at different levels of realization and development and this needs to be taken into account. However, action is the goal of the knowledge we have attained and our responsibility as mystics is to lead in assisting others to understand that love, peace, freedom and understanding should become a reality for each of us. Therefore, as we pursue the essence of Truth, all things fall into place – reality, consciousness, intelligence, knowledge, energy, force. Truth is the key to all that matters and therefore exists on our plane of existence and the Cosmos.

Today we are experiencing rapid change in the earth cycle, and as mystics we need an awakened attitude and consciousness to flow with it and assist others to do so. The changes we are experiencing are paving the way to transformation not only of the planet but our consciousness. It is the understanding of these changes and the actions we take to assist that are prerequisite of creating Heaven on Earth. However, before this can occur, it is necessary to recognize the negative forces that are working to prevent it. Over the course of time, we need to change our actions or the negative forces will impede our progress and once again cause conditions that will destroy, rather than aid, humanity to reach the golden age on the earth plane. So the question is, as mystics, how do our actions manifest Truth?