Esoteric Egypt

By Kathleen Hall

My fascination with Egypt began in my childhood. We had a wonderful old set of the Books of Knowledge, and I would often sit curled up in a big, overstuffed chair in my family’s study pouring through these books and looking at all the magnificent places on our planet. When I came to the section on the Seven Wonders of the World, I was in complete awe of the grandeur and mystery of these sites and, in particular, the pyramids. Sharing this information one day to an older, blind gentleman at one of our family dinners he told me I must be sure to travel to Egypt one day and see these wonders for myself.

Later during my childhood, I had a vivid dream that stayed with me throughout my life. I saw a very colourful vision of red sand meeting blue water under a bright and sunny sky. At the time I did not know where this was, but it left a deep impression upon me. It was not until much later in life, after I turned 50, that I started to do some international travelling. On my first trip to Egypt, I was accompanied by my 15-year-old son, and we went on a seven-day Nile cruise from Cairo to Aswan. When we were nearing Aswan, looking at the landscape I was astounded: to my right was the vision in my dreams. It was the Sahara Desert meeting the Nile River. I instantly felt “at home” and as though I was in the center of the universe. To this day when I travel to Egypt, I am always drawn to go to that area and revisit my “home”. On the side of the hill in my dreams, there is now a beautiful old castle that was built by an Agha Khan of India for himself and his French flower girl whom he married. It is a beautiful story that also speaks very deeply to me.

This is only one part of the intense connections I have felt with Egypt. The great pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, and Dahshur all deeply resonate with my being. In 2015 I was compelled to move to Egypt and lived in Cairo. I would frequently horse ride near all these pyramids and the energy was magnetic and radiant at the same time. The horses would of course feel it and become animated and energized – as did I. The pyramids felt familiar to me on a deep, ancient level, and I am quite certain I have studied there perhaps as an initiate in another lifetime. Inside the Giza pyramid you can climb up to the apex. While the spiritual energies seem suppressed amongst the multitude of tourists climbing up and down the ladders, I do pick up vibrations and in one of the less “busy” pyramids, I have a wonderful photo of orbs swirling around my daughter and me.

There is so much energy in these sites and they are spiritual worlds full of energies and vibrations. I don’t even think I can completely describe the intensity of them. The Valley of the Kings, Temple of Hatshepsut, and the ancient site at Abu Sir all have deep and ancient spiritual energies that engulf one. The mummies in the Egyptian museum speak volumes as well.  To me they look like aliens with their small bodies and enlarged heads, and some of them still have expressions on their faces. On my last visit to the Mummy Rooms at the new Egyptian Museum, I received a message from one queen (I think it was Hatshepsut) who was not at all happy with being on public display. Others I avoided as they were too dark for me to want to listen to.

These are just a few of the intensely spiritual experiences I have encountered on my travels in Egypt. The journey began in my childhood in this life, but the memories are ancient and speak to me of lives I have lived there before.