Economy: More than Money

Everything in existence is energy in some form and “economy” is the science of using energy, in whatever form on whatever plane, to its best and most worthwhile advantage. When we use the word “economy,” we normally think only in terms of finance. If we consider this term in its esoteric sense, however, there are deeper aspects to it; and understanding them is of the utmost importance in this period of transition, when we are witnessing what some have called a complete “meltdown” of the global financial structure as we know it.

Historically speaking, our current financial system of exchanging legal tender for goods and services is relatively new, having only recently replaced the system of barter. Esoteric wisdom teaches that both systems – barter and the use of money, whether within a capitalist, socialist, communist, or other type of sub-system – are simply transitional in nature, paving the way for a new economic system for the new era.

This new system will be based on the concept of sharing and will encourage people to gladly and freely give, while expecting nothing in return. All will ideally receive everything they need, because this radical new system is to be based upon the principle that everyone understands the oneness and inseparability of all life. When it is understood that everything in existence belongs to all, to be correctly and unselfishly used when and how the need arises, there will no longer be a need for either the concept of private possession or the paranoia and crime-deterrence which accompanies it. Consequently, all the hardship, suffering and strife that accompanies any former, intrinsically flawed and outmoded economic systems will disappear.

It must be emphasized that the old economic forms were based upon a civilization of separate, usually competing components – people, nations, ideologies, etc. – and an understanding of life as separate, individualized units. The new, incoming energies of the next 2,500-year-cycle prepare us for a civilization to be based on the One Life and an understanding that humanity as a whole is preparing for a great step forward in its evolution – the move into group consciousness as one conscious group entity.

The following excerpt from Applied Wisdom by Lucille Cedercrans helps to explain:

The Divine Plan in its economic aspect is, insofar as the form is concerned, very different from that with which all of you are familiar. There is, however, as is always true in any transition, a bridging work to be done. Insofar as the present moment is concerned, certain basic concepts of economy must be grasped. They must be understood in their abstractions and in their ideal application as far as the new forms are concerned. From this understanding as a basis, there must be applied within the forms of the present system, bit by bit to alter the internal structure of such forms, a rebuilding from within to without which acts as bridging from one to the other. As the old form decays, or as the new economy sheds the old skin, so to speak, there is standing a structure, while not yet perfect or not yet the ideal form, which will point the way. It will lead humanity along the right economic path.


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