by Allix St.Clair

These are some comments of mine extracted from a larger powerpoint  on Themes of Time taking into account themes from philosophers, theosophy, modern physics, and the Seth writings (including determinism vs free will, duration vs time, uni vs bi directional time, quantum jumps, Einstein,  Light Years, et al). In the end, there are multiple questions which we simply cannot answer. But Time-Space is a much larger issue than it appears at first glance.

Time -Space is an Entity in its own right.

The Mind looks at this great entity "as though through a narrow slot".

Time and Space are symbiotic. Time and Space are interconnected and one affects the other.

There is no "determinism" in Time. Time just IS. And through Mind, time becomes a dynamic force, creating growth, change and evolution.

Esoteric philosophy: -- existence remains fluid and dynamic, not set and predetermined.

Musical Theory:  A symphony is a complete whole yet each instrument plays an essential part of that whole. The "whole" depends on its parts. We experience the whole symphony, but if we listen very carefully, we can hear the independent themes, musical cadences and instruments. The tempo can vary; the whole remains.

Time is affected by natural forces (gravity, electro-magnetism)

Time is affected by motion, especially of large bodies.

Time is the product of motion in space.

There is a space-time "continuum".

Time is affected by Thought and Mind.