The Brotherhood of Angels and Humanity


The great theosophical teacher, Geoffrey Hodson, was well-known for his clairvoyant abilities to consciously perceive those entities known as nature spirits and their more highly evolved brethren, the devas or angels. His research led him in 1927 to form a movement called The Brotherhood of Angels and Men, in which he sought to create a better understanding of this parallel evolution inhabiting our planet and to consciously work with them for the advancement of the Divine Plan. Some ten years after Hodson's death, his student and friend, a theosophist named Bill Keidan, took up for many years the mantle of the organization Hodson had formed and changed the name to The Brotherhood of Angels and Humanity. Bill has agreed that the members of TRIUNE OF LIGHT may, to the best of their knowledge and ability, continue the work of this great cooperative Brotherhood. In December of 2000, Bill had written:

"The contract that Mr. Geoffrey Hodson's archangelic teacher Bethelda (Hebrew for 'angel of the house of God')made with him on behalf of the devic and human kingdoms had certainly not ended with his death in 1983. The angels/devas are prepared to cooperate with human beings of goodwill for worthwhile and evolutionary purposes, and the contract will remain in force for as long as the devas can find human beings to cooperate with them."

Mr. Hodson frequently spoke of the need for humanity to always think of "the highest" in all things and eventually suggested that the phrase "THE HIGHEST" be the motto and password of the Brotherhood, "the sign by which we know each other by day and night." He explained that cooperation is the method by which the devic evolution works, with no hint of separateness or selfishness, and that humans wishing to work with them must abide by these laws.



Englishman River is a magical site near where I live in western Canada. The force of the water and the energy emitted is awe-inspiring. Most days when the sun is out, there are rainbows and orbs everywhere. (Photo: Kathleen Hall)


These are beautiful dahlias growing in my garden, a peaceful place. These majestic beauties grace me with their presence, proving how truly evolved the vegetable kingdom is. (Photo: Kathleen Hall)