What is Time?

By Roza and Margarita Riaikkenen

One of the questions in the recent TRIUNE newsletter concerned the phrase: "linear versus circular time". Our short answer is: Time is both. Why? Because Time is a Spiral, a Wave, or perhaps even a 'Serpent' as some religious traditions call it.

Let us imagine for a moment the very beginning of the creation (manifestation) of a universe. There is neither time, nor matter as we understand them in existence, only the potential of Spirit and Its Consciousness. As we see it, the potential universe in waiting is a dark energy field, confining Light that is ready to spread and create the universe on the beat of the ever-existing cosmic rhythm.

Spirit (the Hindu Brahma) 'exhales' the universe by releasing the wave of Time. Now Light can spread as a ray which is an electromagnetic wave.  Thus, Spirit's Consciousness starts the holographic process of the manifestation of Matter.

"The Inner space of Matter is Time", says the book of metaphysics, Kalagia, or Power over Time (1993), the book that, for us, opened the real nature of Time. The author, Russian artist, Alexander Naumkin, channeled this book in the mountains of Altai and recorded it in Russian language only. The world-renowned spiritual artist and author, Nicholas Roerich, also mentioned the word "Kalagia!" interpreting it as the call of the Highest: "Come to Me!"

We began our exploration of the subject of Time in our first book, The Laws of Life (2004), where we spoke about the waves of Time density creating the cycles of civilizations, and of 'squeezing the spring' of our personal time as a way of speeding up our spiritual development.

Our studies of the nature of Time turned out to be the key that for us opened the way to all other universal phenomena. Eventually, we became able to discuss the workings of Time in the overall cycle of manifestation and evolution, as for the universe, as for a human being, in our new book, Creator and Creators, Co-creation with Nature: a Synthesis of Spiritual Philosophy and Science (2018). Both our books were edited by Andrew Rooke.

With extensive references to the books: Kalagia, Agni Yoga, The Secret Doctrine, and to the pioneering writings of cosmologist Steven Hawking, Russian physicist, Pabisk Kuznetsov, and geneticist, P.P.Gariaev, and American neurophysiologist, Karl Pribram, the book, Creator and Creators, discusses how the density of the wave of Time creates the atoms of Matter, how Nature is created, how holography works in our genetics and brain, and how we can work with Thought and co-create with Nature.

Any changes in the frequency of vibrations of the physical environment change its time density, and vice versa. Which means that by lifting our attitudes, thoughts, and actions to a higher spiritual level, we can change our inner time density and simultaneously raise the frequency of vibrations of the environment within and outside us. This is the way to 'power over time' – the greatest power a human being can dream of!