Readers of this website might well ask, “Why Synthesis?” First of all, what exactly do you mean by this word synthesis and, secondly, why does your group refer to TRIUNE as “An Ashram of Synthesis?”


A dictionary might describe synthesis as the coming together of different people, groups, concepts, theories, or the like to make something totally new, while still incorporating facets of each of the originals. Today, in all manner of things, we are seeing this concept of synthesis slowly taking hold. Many ideas which once would have met with scorn or ridicule by the general populace now are tolerated and accepted by many of these same people . . . and this represents the idea of synthesis in action. Some examples might include inter-racial marriages, the hosting of inter-religious worship services, or cooperative governmental and leadership councils, such as the United Nations. All are examples of bringing two or more seemingly different things together, incorporating facets of each, and making something totally new from the combination of the originals. TRIUNE OF LIGHT is an example of synthesis, in that members of different, spiritually-based organizations cooperatively come together to form a new spiritually-based group, in order to pool our resources and talents for the betterment of the human condition.


An ashram is generally considered to be a spiritually-based community of like-minded Souls, dedicated to a common purpose, which is achieved through study, meditation, common work and service to others. In this new century, we have been brought together in TRIUNE to focus on several things, one of the most important of these being this concept of synthesis. For if we are to survive and, hopefully thrive, as a species, it is going to become increasingly important that the entire human race become familiar with several necessary concepts, including this one known as synthesis.


Students of esotericism have long known what traditional scientists have been recently discovering – that our planet is continuously bombarded by streams of magnetic energies of one form or another, coming from space, other planetary bodies, etc. It is said that in the upcoming years, the Earth will be bathed in the energies of synthesis; and it will become increasingly important that knowledgeable persons wield and direct these energies into the proper channels of influence to best benefit the spiritual and cultural advancement of the human race.

There is a wonderful and helpful book called Ashramic Projections, compiled in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, by a woman named Lucille Cedercrans, who claimed to have received the inspiration for her writings from a very advanced spiritual teacher. In this book, she describes this energy of synthesis and its implications for the human race. It is a great guide for the members of TRIUNE and explains in simple language many difficult concepts. Some excerpts about synthesis follow:

The energy of Synthesis is a new energy, a new force and a new substance, its purpose the building of a new civilization which will carry the evolutionary plan for humanity into manifestation. It is a lower correspondence of a very subtle Cosmic energy. Its primary characteristics are fourth dimensional and thus most difficult to define and describe. This quality will be, at first, very difficult to differentiate from the quality of love itself, except that there will be less emotional response to that quality, more mental response, and therefore a growing development of what is known as compassion. The quality brought into the consciousness and the instrument will develop the intuitive faculty of mankind. But more than anything else, it will aid in the development of what is called empathy. It will make it possible for one individual to empathize with another and yet free him from that sympathetic relationship which results in emotional disturbances, whether positive or negative. It will then aid in lifting man’s concept of love and, therefore, his expression of it into the mental realm.

( Ashramic Projections is published by Wisdom Impressions, P.O. Box 6457, Whittier, CA 90609-6457, U.S.A.)