by Deni Gross


TRIUNE has linked with a group called World Teacher Trust, based in India and with branches and contacts all over the world, including the Americas. Their representatives, Master K. Pavarthi Kumar (KPK) and Kumari Garu, spoke at a seminar in Miami, Florida in 2014 called "Preparing for the New Civilization with Rhythm, the Seventh Ray, and the Violet Flame". Much of our TRIUNE work involves preparation for the new civilization in the new dispensation, so the transcripts of this seminar are of great interest and importance to TRIUNE. Much of the subject matter deals with the countries of Central and South America.

Choosing Miami to host the seminar was no accident. “The world knows Miami for the beaches…but behind that veil, there is a profound energy,” stated Master KPK, who then went on to describe how this area of land was saved when Atlantis was submerged. The seminar transcripts also explained how, contrary to popular belief, the name “America” did not come from the Italian merchant and explorer, Amerigo Vespucci, contemporary of Christopher Columbus, the so-called “discoverer” of the western hemisphere. It’s long been suggested that the name is actually taken from the Amerisque Mountain chain in Nicaragua and derived from the still more ancient Mayan word meaning “Land of the Wind”. According to the transcripts, Central America and the Caribbean region comprise a sacred bridge between the northern and southern Americas. Master Kumar and Kumari Garu further explained:

"There are two poles on this earth, one in the east and one in the west. The eastern peak is called Meru and the western peak is called Ameru. These are two nodal energy points through which the Hierarchy weaved the ancient wisdom. The peak of Ameru is in Peru, where there was once a great temple of Ibez. The two peaks conducted the light between the eastern and western horizons. This island of Ameru was, therefore, called America. Meru is in the Himalayas. These are the two major centers of magic in the east and west. While these two peaks were active at one time, the western peak of Ameru and the related temple of Ibez was closed due to the abuse of knowledge in the west. The submergence of Atlantis was due to the abuse of this knowledge relating to the laws of rhythm and magnetism. When that was lost, the temple was closed. The temple in the east continues to transmit the knowledge. This is because when the Atlantean race submerged into the waters, the good seeds of the humans of the Atlantean race migrated to the Himalayas. The land of the Americas, both north and south, was essentially a land of magic, a land of rhythms, a land where there were profound rituals carried out for equinoxes and solstices. For that, they built enormous pyramids, temples of sun worship along with the aspect of time. Central American land is profoundly spiritual where you find the ruins of the pyramids. That’s where the knowledge was found relating to rhythms. It has now been decided to revive that knowledge in the Americas. In 1775 it was decided to revive the western temple and, for that reason, in that year the Lord of the Seventh Ray, Master St. Germain, decided to move to the American continent. That’s why the awareness relating to this Master is much more in American lands than the eastern lands. His work is to revive the Seventh Ray."

As we know, for long ages the seat of the Sacred Brotherhood and their repository of esoteric wisdom has remained in the east. Because balance is required in all things, however, the time has now arrived for the western hemisphere to bring to the world its own understanding of and contributions to the ancient wisdom. No longer must the teachings of the ancient American cultures be thought of as mere legends. The strong esoteric connection of North, Central and South America which has been buried must now be made known; and a synthesis of the best and most spiritual aspects of the teachings and cultures of all these countries must be promoted.

To these ends, there is a great deal of preparatory work to be accomplished. To begin, the idea of the “separateness” of the various American geographies and cultures must be gradually abolished and replaced by a sense of a general heritage. To help bring about this synthesis, one of the American branches of World Teacher Trust has designed a meditation for the “alignment” of the Americas. Following is a modified version of that meditation. It does not need to be performed at any specific time. The important point is to visualize the entire western hemisphere of Canada, the United States, Mexico and all the countries of Central and South America as one united entity.


Settle into meditation and surround yourself in Light. Visualize Canada, the United States, Mexico and all the countries of Central and South America as one united, sacred entity. Express this affirmation: “May North America unite with South America through Central America and the Caribbean in one energy, so that Ameru may be strengthened, the connection with Meru may be intensified, and One Humanity may become a reality.” Let the alignment of the Americas be done. AMEN.