The Feminine Principle – Part 2

By Deni Gross

"Urusvati! It is time to say that this is the name We have given to the star (Venus) which is irresistibly approaching the Earth. Since long ago it has been the symbol of the Mother of the World, and the Era of the Mother of the World must begin at the time of Her star's unprecedented approach to Earth…The approach of this very great Era is important: it will substantially change life on Earth…"

Though it may not seem apparent as we go about our daily routines here on the physical plane, we are actually living in an exciting and revolutionary time, equivalent to those days when the Great Teacher Jesus performed his earthly ministry. The disciples and other contemporaries of the Master Jesus were privileged to personally witness the stirrings of the Brotherhood of Light's plan for humanity for that 2,500-year cycle and to learn about the new teachings for the Piscean Age. Today, we find ourselves in a similar position at the start of another new age – the Aquarian. We can expect to see enormous changes gradually taking shape: the beginnings of the new energies, discoveries, and refinements in cultural patterns and human development that will shape this next 2,500-year dispensation. Additionally, humanity, as a species, is at the cusp of another major turn on the evolutionary spiral, the eve of the birth of the sixth race type of humanity. It is our privilege to participate in helping to implement these changes, in cooperation with the great Brotherhood of Light.

In our last newsletter issue, we concluded the first part of our essay on The Feminine Principle with the following quote from the book, At the Threshold of the New World: Dreams, Visions and Letters of Helena Roerich.

The Teachers who dictated the Agni Yoga books to her (Helena Roerich) spoke about the approaching time of the Mother of the World, a new evolutionary turn that will be nourished by female energy… At the end of the twentieth century, our planet and humanity inhabiting it have come close to a new turn of the evolutionary spiral. The Living Ethics books indicate the principal characteristics of this turn: an approach of new energies to the planet, an enhanced interaction of worlds of other dimensions with our dense world, a skilled handling of psychic energy by man, an intense interaction with cosmic energy structures and expanded energy information exchange with them, a rise in the level of synthesis of matter and spirit, and finally, the formation of a new, higher and more refined type of humanity – humanity of the sixth type, or the sixth race, our race being the fifth one.

From the above paragraph, we can see not only the enormity, but also the complexity, of the task which is before us. One of the many challenges we face is to clearly understand the underlying importance to this new era of the Feminine Principle and "female energy." To do so, it would be helpful to first further examine Helena Roerich's true identity and the specific nature of her role in preparing humanity for this new age, its new energies, and the challenges and opportunities it will bring.

A good deal of biographical information about the fascinating personage of Helena Roerich is available through general research. To the general public, Helena Roerich is best known as a champion of women's rights and the brilliant and talented wife and co-worker of the famous Russian painter, Nicholas Roerich. Most people understand she was a prolific writer, who did most of her work in the early to mid-20th century, and accompanied her husband on his travels to the Himalayas, the inspiration for so many of his paintings. Moving on to students of esotericism, Helena is revered as a high-ranking pupil of the Great Masters, recipient of the teachings compiled in the books of the Agni Yoga teachings, and an important spiritual teacher in her own right. However, according to the book, At the Threshold of the New World, Helena's earthly mission in this incarnation involved much more than even these details of her biography suggest. With many thanks to TRIUNE member, Joleen DuBois, and the White Mountain Education Association who have generously donated this book to help us in our studies, we'd like to further elaborate on her mission by quoting directly from At the Threshold of the New World, for Helena was the main focal point in . . .

… a creative evolutionary process in which Cosmic Hierarchs participated together with Helena Roerich. She herself went through that action in order to pave the way for humanity to the cosmic heights, to the heights of spirit, and to higher forms of matter. She gives us an opportunity to comprehend for ourselves the path she has traveled – a most complicated and difficult path followed by an earthly woman, a path full of sufferings, both physical and spiritual, but the one that is so necessary to us all. Always there is someone who brings Fire down to humanity.

She has voluntarily returned to Earth in order to clear the way for the sixth race and help create a new energy passage for its evolution. She was standing at the threshold of that New World, having in herself both the new and the old energies, and creating in herself (a fifth race person) a new person of the sixth race. The sixth race could not form without that creative activity. Its feeble shoots, which began to appear on Earth in the 1940's, could perish without that support and nourishment.

An earthly woman, living an ordinary life, she had to bring through herself that Heaven down to Earth in order to make the latter better, subtler, and more energized. This is what the new stage of evolution required. This is how Earth could touch Heaven and make contact with other Worlds, the contact much needed for its further advancement. Helena Roerich was supposed to attract Higher Energies, Higher Forces, to an Earth weakened by consistent violation of all the Cosmic Laws. Only that could save the planet and divert the imminent catastrophe.

On Planet Earth in the twentieth century, on the eve of a new turn of its evolutionary spiral, an evolutionary experiment was beginning, which was scientifically described and interpreted for the first time in the history of humanity. The experiment was conducted by Cosmic Hierarchs . . . but down there, on Earth, by making her sacrifice, stood she, Helena Roerich, a Russian woman, a wife to her husband and a mother of two children, someone on whom the fate of Cosmic evolution on Earth now depended. But only her closest associates then knew about it. And only a few realized that the beginning of her painful experiment marked the dawn of a New World.

The importance of Helena Roerich's physical presence on our planet during the 20th century cannot be overstated, for her earthly mission was inextricably bound with the implementation of the Feminine Principle for this new era. The Ancient Wisdom teaches that the dark forces who have always sought to block the spiritual advancement of the human race used "the humiliation of woman" as one of their chief tools. Helena, herself, in a letter to one of her students explained that this process of demeaning women had already caused an unavoidable "coarsening and degeneration of humanity," which greatly impeded the progress of humanity's development. She further explained that this new era, "under the rays of Uranus will bring the renaissance of woman." Therefore, we see that the successful completion of the Divine mission to restore the balance between the Masculine and Feminine Principles required, among other things, that a highly developed soul incarnate in a female body and anchor the fiery energies here on Earth, providing humanity with a living example.