The Challenge of Money

by Clarence Harvey


TRIUNE member, Clarence Harvey, is coordinator of Triangles in Education. He recently published a fascinating article which addresses one of our concerns in TRIUNE, the new economic forms and the role of money and finance for the future of humanity. He has graciously allowed us to excerpt that article below. If you are interested in learning more about Triangles in Education, contact Clarence at

Our current global economic crisis is seen by many as a wake-up signal: we have serious lessons to learn in the handling of money. Curiously, the nature of these lessons may have a lot to do with humanity's relationship to the sun as a source of wealth. As many may know, there is a growing international trade in technologies related to the harnessing of the energy of the sun. This growing trade in photovoltaic technology can be of interest to those engaged in the practical work of establishing the new, Soul nourishing educational systems to characterize 21st century civilization.

In this regard, the work of Triangles in Education can be described as being fundamentally to do with solar energy. This work is "solar" both in an esoteric sense, and also in immensely practical and pragmatic ways. It is both imagery and practice, mythos and science requiring a full use of the powers of the human mind, aimed at enabling us to translate work from abstract mental levels into practical action in the world of daily service – the classrooms and schools wherein we conduct our balanced, professional work.

One of the fundamental challenges facing co-workers is that of accessing the immense funds that will have to be re-directed into education if the needed changes are to be brought about… for replenishing, rebuilding, and re-orientating the thrust and aims of education so that it becomes more consciously soul nourishing, soul inspiring, and soul releasing. We might imagine that even though we are not building from scratch, building an education system and infrastructure supportive of human needs in the 21st century nevertheless demands sums of money that are apparently not readily available, especially in this current period of economic and financial world crisis.

Fortunately, there are actually almost limitless amounts of gold "available" – an estimated several thousand billion pounds sterling worth – if we are willing to engage more deeply with the concept of "gold, tried in fire" and ready to accept the teaching that "energy follows thought." When we link our capacity for meditative imagination with our growing knowledge of the sun, it becomes intriguing to note that analysis of the sun's spectrum shows the sun has about 6 ten-billionths (.00000000006) of its mass as atoms of gold. That may seem like a very minute proportion. However, because of the size of the sun, that is in fact a lot of gold – about seven million nine hundred thousand billion pounds worth, at current prices per gram… more than enough to power the building of the new civilization.

Some might argue that there is no need to look to the sun as a source of wealth; after all, we have enough money and wealth right here on earth to do the job – it is simply a question of the redirection of money into the desired initiatives and projects. Perhaps there are essentially two types of money: purely earth-based money, created by humanity; and sun-based money, created by the linking of solar gold with the underlying idea of money, and thus recalibrating our understanding of money as essentially a phenomenon in human consciousness.

It may be that we are entering a period in which rhythmic attention to the inflow of solar gold from the sun can prove to be a new source of wealth for those who have generated the bodhisattvic Will that demonstrates in world educational service. The capacity to draw on this gold may be one of the veiled reasons for visualizing the Triangles network as a golden network. It may even be suggested that the Great Invocation is a key to the capacity to tap into this golden "solar substance" and that it is this substance – pouring through humanity as "Light and Love and Power"– that enables the working out of the educational Plan on Earth.